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10 Reasons Why Every Company Needs A Blog

The importance of digital marketing agency Sydney in a company cannot be stressed enough. These days it’s not just about writing great content for your readers but also promoting it through social media channels and making sure search engines know about your new posts so they can start ranking you higher in their SERPs. Here are ten reasons why every business should have a company blog.




A proper company blog will lead to more exposure because people constantly seek fresh information on the internet via search engines like Google or Bing that rank pages according to their content, relevancy and popularity.


Build authority & credibility  


Having a blog will help you establish your authority as an expert in your field and legitimize the advice you give clients and potential clients. This is especially important if you sell a product.


Free press coverage 


According to Hubspot, writing articles for blogs can help brands gain free media coverage via journalists researching popular topics for their next articles or broadcasts. If a journalist finds your blog valuable he or she might decide to quote from it or even interview you for future stories.


Build links that’ll improve SEO 


Backlinks are one of the three core ranking signals for Google along with quality content and relevant keywords. This means more links pointing to your blog can raise its SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking and consequently the number of new visitors monthly.


Learn from your audience


A company blog allows businesses to learn more about what’re currently doing right as well as wrong. This is critical for entrepreneurs who want to improve their process and service offering due to feedback from customers or blog readers.


Educate on the latest trends 


A company blog helps businesses stay up-to-date with what’s happening in their industry by providing insights on topics that are trending at the moment on sites like Twitter or Reddit, which many of your potential clients might be searching on regularly. A business can’t afford to know about current events in its field, especially if it wants to appeal to a new generation of tech-savvy millennials.


Track progress & manage your business efficiently  


Having a close relationship with clients via social media platforms like Twitter has become standard practice for companies, but it is also possible to do this with company blogs by creating metrics on how many people are visiting the site on a daily or monthly basis as well as which posts readers like best and shared most frequently across social networks. A company’s blogging success should be measured by its ability to attract new visitors to the site regularly as well as converting those visitors into leads and customers.


Provide customer service  


An FAQ section and contact page allow visitors to get in touch with you quickly. This creates a better relationship with readers who might need additional information or support after reading your blog posts.


Provide insight into the company culture 


A business’ company blog is one of the simplest ways for current and potential clients to learn more about its founders, financial situation and plans since all this information can be shared in articles like “What We Do,” “How We Got Started,” and “What’s Next,” which describe what a company does best as well as disclose its identity and personality.


Personalise the brand 


Use your company blog to write about anything relevant to your core values, such as employee profiles, how your product is made, insights on the latest news affecting your industry and common questions you’re asked by clients. This will help potential clients get to know more about your business.

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