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10 Tips On Applying Mulch To Your Trees

Mulching is a popular landscaping technique that involves spreading an organic material over the soil surface around trees or shrubs. There are many benefits to adding mulch to your garden, including improved soil conditions and reduced weed growth.


According to tree lopping Logan owner Lance Batchelor, trees require a certain amount of maintenance, and one part of maintaining them is applying mulch. When it comes to trees, most people know they need water and sunlight. However, they may not be aware that mulch strengthens the root system and slows down the sprouting of weeds. Mulch also is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate moisture in the soil surrounding the roots.


Raise your property value by keeping your trees healthy! Here are some useful tips on how to use mulch on your trees.


Use the Right Kind of Mulch for Your Tree Type

Several different types of mulches can be used on trees. You need to make sure that you are using the right kind of mulch for your particular tree’s needs. For example, if you have an oak tree, which is considered an acid-loving tree, it would probably be best to use pine straw mulch instead of hardwood bark because it has more acidity than the bark form of the mulch will have. The proper type of mulch is crucial to your tree’s health.


Don’t Overdo It

It is important not to apply too much mulch, as this can actually damage or even kill your trees by suffocating them or preventing the natural flow of nutrients into their roots. 


Cover the Entire Soil Surface Underneath Your Tree

The main goal is to completely cover the entire soil surface underneath your tree with an about an inch layer of mulch, but you don’t want it to be any thicker than that because the idea is for the soil to be able to breathe properly while also keeping away weeds and conserving water loss. This ensures that both air and moisture can reach the roots of your trees easily, which is essential to their health.


Remove Debris from the Stem of Your Tree

Mulch should never touch the main stem of your tree because that can cause disease issues and even death. It is important to remove any small branches or twigs which may be touching the mulch once it has been applied so that they do not damage your tree’s stem in any way. This part is especially crucial when mulch is being applied around fruit trees since this type of tree requires air circulation through its entire trunk for proper growth.


Keep Mulch at Least 10 Inches Away From the Trunk of Your Tree

This tip simply involves making sure that you don’t apply mulch too close to the trunk of your tree because this too can cause issues with the health of your tree.


Regenerate Your Mulch Every Six Months or So

You will need to replenish your mulch every few months when it starts to wear down. This is very important to keep any weeds from growing underneath your trees and to maintain the appropriate amount of moisture around their roots so that they can survive. It is also important for air circulation throughout their soil since this helps them be much healthier overall.


Water Your Tree Right After You Apply the Mulch

You should water your newly mulched trees right after you apply the new layer of mulch, which helps ensure that it is applied properly and also stimulates root growth.


Prevent Problems with Mulch by Removing It Every Few Years

Every few years, you will need to remove the existing mulch and replace it with new mulch as well as replenish any nutrients that your trees may be missing from the soil. This helps ensure that you can keep your trees as healthy as possible and ensures that they never have any problems caused by an improper application of mulch or a lack of nutrients in their soil.


Use Herbicides to Kill Weeds, but Only if They Are Necessary

It is important for you not to try and kill weeds using herbicides unless this is necessary,  because doing so can cause more harm than good. You don’t want anything to grow around the trees or mulch, which could damage their trunks in any way. 


Don’t Use Organic Mulches in Winter

In winter, you will need to use a special type of mulch called ice melt instead of organic mulches since they can cause problems at this time of year when the ground is frozen.



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