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10 Tips To Use Your Air Conditioner Effectively This Summer

You can tell the summer season is on the way when the bright and warm glow of the sun begins to break through the spring clouds. All of a sudden, the cold weather has been taken over by a hot environment, and you feel like you are living in an oven! To counter this feeling of sluggishness, you turn on your air conditioner and enjoy the cool, refreshing air circulating in your room.

According to air conditioning Wollongong owner Nebojsa Ivaneza, it is best to give your cooling appliance a regular checkup to make sure it is working properly before the summer season comes around. Your air conditioner is a major investment, so it is worth taking care of it to ensure that it works as efficiently as possible!

Stay cool this summer with these helpful air conditioner maintenance hacks!

Keep People Away from Room While The Fan Is Working

If there is nobody inside the room then it will not occupy much power and the air conditioner’s compressor will work less along with things being chilled quickly.

Repair the Air Conditioner Regularly

It is necessary to repair and check your air conditioner time and again so that you can avoid problems in the middle of the summer. A well-maintained appliance will give long service. You need to check whether there is any leakage or corrosion around the machine because these things might cause serious damage to it. If you get such signs, then you should immediately get it repaired from a reputed service centre.

Don’t Overuse Your Air Conditioner

Sometimes people tend to change their room’s temperature more than required which causes them discomfort and they start consuming more electricity and overloading themselves with the machine too. Try to maintain the room temperature at a reasonable level so that you can keep your electricity bills low.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed While Having The Air Conditioner On

You should keep windows and doors closed if you want optimal performance from your air conditioner. If the air gets escaped through the windows then it will affect the system’s performance which will result in extra consumption of power. Moreover, open windows also let mosquitoes and insects inside your house which make disturbances. You might also need pest control services once or twice during summer days.

Always Use Covers on Electronic Items When Cooling Them Down with A Cooling Unit

If you are using covers on electronic items (such as mobile phones, TVs, etc.) while they are being cooled down by the Air Conditioner then you should unplug them before using the covers. This will avoid overheating of electronic items which may be damaged in the long run if exposed to extended heat while cooling down.

Clean Ceiling Fans Regularly

Cleaning ceiling fans regularly is very important during the summer season, because they make your room more comfortable when working properly. If dirt accumulates on fan blades it obstructs air movement and affects performance which makes the environment hot again. You can use a stiff brush or vacuum cleaner for cleaning your fan.

Turn Off Lights When Not In The Room

It is better to switch off lights when you are not there to save electricity. As lights consume more power compared to electronic devices, fans etc.

Use Ceiling or Window Fans to Increase Air Circulation

You can make optimum use of ceiling and window fans during summer days to enhance air circulation. This will keep things cooler even if your cooling device is not working properly, because it helps increase the efficiency of the cooling machine. You may also need a fan repair service for greater efficiency during the summer seasons.

Don’t Put Warm Things Near Your Cooling Unit

It is better to avoid putting warm things near the unit if you want optimal performance from your air conditioner as warmer objects will affect its performance by making it work extra hard which increases energy consumption and power bills. Moreover, if you put warm things near or inside a cooling unit then it might cause health issues to you as well.

Try Using Fans Along With Your Air Conditioner During The Summer Season

If your appliance is not cooling your room properly and your electricity bills are sky-high, then you should try using ceiling or window fans along with the air conditioner during summer days because they can save up a lot of money. You may even need a fan repair service if the problem persists for long periods.



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