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10 Ways To Design A Bathroom On A Budget

The best way to do bathroom renovations Central Coast on a budget is to do the work yourself. If you’re not an expert, that might sound daunting but it’s much easier than you think. When you choose materials and fixtures for your bathroom design project you should start by thinking about cost versus quality. The more expensive something looks, the more money you will have to spend. You can have a designer’s dream bathroom come together at a fraction of the cost if you start with cheaper options and upgrade later as time goes by and your budget allows.


Search for online deals 

Look for fixtures and materials that suit your style preferences online for cheaper prices. It is also important to carefully consider the layout of the space and how many guests may be looking to use it at once. If you need any additional storage space then consider adding built-in shelves or cabinets instead of larger pieces that would take up more floor space. Careful planning can cut back on expenses as long as you stick to what you have decided on beforehand.


Pick a colour scheme 

Before searching for furniture and decor so as not to waste time browsing through designs that do not fit with your plans. Once you know which colours will be used, narrow down the specific items you want to buy by colour. This approach means that the items will all go together, making your design cohesive without requiring too much time spent dithering over choices.


Swatch materials 

If you are doing any tiling or painting yourself, make sure you have enough materials for each step before moving on to the next one. You should also bear in mind that some materials require proper prep work before they can be installed into the space properly. It’s easy to underestimate how long certain projects will take if you’ve never done them before so it’s best not to wait until the last minute- even if saving money is your priority.


Be flexible with fixtures 

Instead of picking out all of your bathroom fixtures at once, decide which parts you need and what can wait. For example, you might be able to handle the plumbing and electrical work yourself and ask a professional only to install the fixtures, such as sinks and showers. Although this can cut down on costs significantly, it also means that your bathroom won’t look exactly how you want it right away.


Pick materials that fit into your everyday routine 

When choosing tiles or flooring for your bathroom think about how often you will be cleaning up spills of various kinds. Materials like marble are beautiful but require constant upkeep to prevent discolouration over time. While porcelain tile may seem like an inexpensive alternative at first glance, it can be more expensive than natural stone tiles depending on the materials it is made with.


Design for efficiency 

Before you begin any renovations or remodelling, be sure to measure out the space and note how much work it will take to install electric and plumbing fixtures. When allocating budget money towards design, don’t forget to consider the cost of hiring a professional if you do not feel confident in your abilities. You might also want to consider whether or not you need an entire bathroom renovation or if one small change (like new lighting) would be enough for your needs. If your existing bathroom can work after some simple changes then you’ll only have one project on your plate instead of two- which means more time and money saved overall.


Plan ahead 

Remember that certain things can’t be done at the last minute. For example, a new bathroom vanity cabinet will need to be measured and fitted into place before it can be installed or a sink can’t simply be dropped in without some work being done first. Be sure to schedule these jobs along with your other tasks so you don’t have two projects running simultaneously which means more time needed spent planning as well as doing things yourself.



If you are having guests over often, consider how much space they’re going to need. Instead of fitting a huge bathtub into an area that could fit two bathrooms instead, consider going with a shower only since this uses far less space overall. You might also want to remove or any fixtures that aren’t necessary, especially if they are fitted into small spaces where there’s no room to expand.


Make the most of your space 

Spaces with awkward angles or alcoves can be problematic for more novice do it yourself-ers who might not know what to do with them. For example, you could use your alcove as a shower instead of installing a tub and vice versa depending on preference. If you have two similar bathrooms that share plumbing lines but only one basin or tub then use both areas instead of letting them sit unused all of the time. Another option is to install shelving around any corners which makes it easy to store items out of sight but still close at hand when needed.


Don’t forget the details 

Even if you are on a budget, don’t neglect design completely. Keep some money aside for basic items that can spruce up any bathroom such as new towels, floor mats or toilet paper holders. Don’t hesitate to shop around when picking out these pieces so you can get exactly what you want instead of settling for something cut-rate to save a few dollars here and there. In addition, affordable options can be found at your local dollar store which may have hidden gems among their products.



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