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10 Ways You Can Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are pretty common and can be very frustrating. When you’re in the middle of an emergency, it’s best to get the help of a professional plumber.


It is best to try and fix your plumber Newcastle problems on your own if it’s not too complicated. This not only saves time but also money. Here are 10 ways you can fix some plumbing problems yourself.


  1. Try snaking your drain yourself if it is clogged. Prevention is better than cure so try and catch the problem as soon as possible to avoid a costly repair bill for a blocked drain or sewer pipe. Remember to use protective gloves such as rubber ones as well as safety goggles because you could get splashed with dirty water while unclogging the drain.


  1. Replace any broken tool handles, faucet knobs and showerheads first before calling a plumber Newcastle service provider. You will not have an issue locating these items in hardware stores and online at sites like eBay.


  1. Replacing leaky taps is another DIY job that can be tackled within minutes rather than having to hire a plumber because you cannot turn it off.


  1. If you’re having problems with your garbage disposal, put a few ice cubes through it to determine whether the blades are spinning properly and if it is jammed or not. You can also try pouring salt and vinegar and plugging in the unit without turning it on.


  1. A running toilet needs to be fixed because this could end up costing you more especially if there is a leak in your flapper valve. Make sure that the chain connecting the handle and flapper is taut enough so that it does not slip back easily when flushed. Another simple way of fixing a running toilet is by adjusting your float ball downward as this can stop water from continuously flowing into the overflow tube once it has reached the tank’s full level.


  1. Rubber pipes usually have an orange dot in one corner which will be visible when you tug it. You might need to cut the pipe using a hacksaw just below the dot before you can start fitting your new one. Make sure that you use insulation tape to prevent any leaks especially if you are working with copper or PVC pipes.


  1. Leaking joints must be tightened down before they can cause further damage to your property and belongings including furniture, clothes etc.


  1. Shower doors often do not tighten properly after installation so make sure that you check this, especially in the case of older models because older versions were much harder to fix due to their complicated nature. You can replace them if they are too costly to fix.


  1. A toilet roll holder that is loose should be fixed by tightening the screws instead of replacing it because this will save you money in the long run, especially if you have an expensive brand installed.


  1. Sink trap seals usually crack over time and need to be replaced with new ones if flushing your toilet causes dirty water to back up into the sink basin.




Before tackling any plumbing problem, make sure that you turn off the stopcock first before anything else even though this may seem like a simple task for some people but it could lead to serious injuries or property damage otherwise due to mishaps caused by flicking switches or turning valves on at the wrong time.


Homeowners who have a basic understanding of their plumbing problems can fix them themselves. They do not have to be afraid of paying too much money for hiring an expensive plumber when they know the basics. Most problems are based on common sense, and these tips will help homeowners get started with finding their solutions before having to call in any help. This can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs that come with major plumbing problems.



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