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11 Benefits of E-Lockers For Parcel Deliveries

An e-locker is a public self-service storage facility that allows users to drop off and pick up packages outside of conventional business hours. E-lockers keep parcels secure by allowing customers to pick up their items via a keyless locker system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. This allows people to collect their parcels at times that suit them without having to worry about anyone else picking up or stealing them first. E-lockers also provide businesses with ways to reduce costs associated with running traditional parcel delivery services.

According to grocery lockers owner Tyler Coates, parcel deliveries are a vital part of the service when it comes to online shopping, People send and receive packages every day (whether they’re sending an item back to a seller or receiving something for themselves) and anyone who sends needs to send their package as securely as possible. The easier you can keep track of where your parcel is at any given moment, the more secure you will feel about its delivery. That’s why e-lockers are great for online retailers.

The following list explains the advantages of using e-lockers.


By using an e-locker your company does not have to spend money on providing individual secure lockable areas for employees or staff that may be off-site at any given time. In addition, if your company has multiple locations it is more efficient and cost-effective than installing individual secure lockables. 


E-lockers are accessible 24/7, so your business is not restricted to office hours for receiving deliveries, this also saves time and money on employing extra staff.


Businesses can receive parcels at one central point rather than having them delivered to multiple locations which save time and money on delivery charges by using a single carrier account. 

Save Money

By installing an e-locker you can reduce courier costs as they will no longer need to deliver individual parcels direct to your employees or customer premises with the use of an e-locker all deliveries are sent to one central point, therefore, covering more than one address, with the added security benefits if anything was stolen it would be the courier or delivery company at fault. 


Your business is not restricted to specific hours for deliveries as e-lockers allow 24/7 access, and can reduce missed delivery charges as you will no longer leave parcels unattended outside of office hours. This also reduces time spent on processing and sorting deliveries, enabling employees to spend more time on other tasks. 


Using an e-locker enables companies to recycle items such as empty ink cartridges, paper and plastics which would normally be disposed of in a refuse skip by having them delivered to one central e-locker point they are easily accessible for recycling rather than being sent directly to landfill.


Having an e-locker allows companies to manage their deliveries more efficiently as all deliveries are made to one central point and can be distributed accordingly. This also enables management to track daily, weekly and monthly activities which will highlight any potential issues or problem areas that need addressing. 


Using an e-locker eliminates the risk of having large amounts of cash on site for deliveries however due to the nature of the business it may not always be possible to receive delivery after office hours (e.g. food and drink) and therefore installing CCTV provides additional security benefits should anything go wrong whilst your premises is occupied or unoccupied. 

Customer Service

By having an e-locker installed, you give your customers the convenience of having their deliveries sent to one central location and e-mail notifications of when their delivery will arrive.


With the number of customers increasing in this digital age, an e-locker can allow businesses to receive more parcels or bulky goods and will continue to expand and increase in popularity.

Less Paperwork

By using an e-locker, your business can save time on processing invoices, making payments etc as the majority are now received electronically via email removing any unnecessary paper trails which are also environmentally friendly. 

Parcel deliveries are on the move, literally. With more people shopping online, it makes sense that parcels need to be delivered quickly. Traditional parcel lockers have been popular for years, but now they are being replaced by e-locker services which offer many more benefits for retailers and customers alike.

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