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11 Interesting Facts About Ducted Air Conditioners

A ducted air conditioner is designed to deliver an efficient home cooling solution. It can be installed in both new and existing homes, and the system is controlled from either a handheld remote or wall-mounted panel, depending on which style you choose. The technology behind this product is impressive, to say the least.


According to air conditioning Central Coast owner Kelly Palmer, ducted air conditioners (or ductless air conditioners) are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with many homes opting for this type of climate control. If you are thinking about getting one installed at your home or business, you should know more about these exciting cooling units.


Enrich your knowledge about ducted air conditioners with these fascinating facts.


Ducted vs Ductless

The main difference between the two types of air conditioners is that a ducted system has an outdoor box connected to an indoor component by a series of insulated metal pipes, whereas the other model only has one outdoor unit which distributes cold and hot air throughout your property via ventilation outlets. This makes it easier for homeowners to install and maintain without the need for cold or hot pipes running all over the place.


Flexibility of Installation

Ducted air conditioners are usually installed in a central location, such as the roof or air handler space, while ductless units can be installed almost anywhere it is convenient to do so. This means that if you have server rooms that get too hot or require climate control at different levels throughout your building, a ducted appliance is not going to help you much. On the other hand, ductless models can easily be moved around and placed wherever they are needed most. 


Remote Controls

The majority of air conditioning systems only come with one remote control. But with this system, you will receive not one but three! This is because one remote is needed to control the main unit, while a second is used to change the fan speed and temperature in each room. The third remote control is specifically for the outdoor condenser unit.


Quiet Operation

Ducted air conditioners are known for being some of the quietest on the market – perfect for those who want to keep the noise down. Most people cannot even hear them when they are turned on!


Dual-Fuel Capability

Many ducted air conditioners also have dual-fuel capability, meaning that they can be switched from gas to electric heating depending on your needs and budget. This can be a great feature if you live in an area with inconsistent or expensive energy prices.


Improved Air Quality

One of the benefits of ductless air conditioning is that it helps to improve the air quality in your home by removing harmful particles and bacteria from the air. This is all because of the special filters which come as standard with most units.


Save Money on Heating and Cooling Bills

By using a ductless air conditioner, you could potentially save money on your heating and cooling bills. This is because they are more efficient than traditional cooling units, meaning you will not have to use as much power to keep your property at a comfortable temperature.


Zone Control

With a ducted system, you can create zones within your home that will receive different amounts of airflow depending on your requirements. For example, if you have one room that always seems to be colder than the rest of the house, it is possible to adjust this by changing which vents are open and closed.


Optimum Temperature for Energy Savings

These units are designed so that they only use the minimum amount of power necessary to keep your property at a comfortable temperature. This means they will save you money on energy bills over time while making your living space environmentally friendly!


Durability & Maintenance Requirements

Ducted air conditioning systems require very little maintenance throughout their lifetime, thanks to special filters which need replacing once or twice per year. These can generally be purchased from most hardware stores with ease. 


Increased Market Value

One of the benefits of having a ducted air conditioning system installed in your home is that it can increase its resale value. This is because potential buyers know that the property already has a cooling unit, which many people see as a must-have in our world of today.



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