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11 Winter Maternity Outfit Ideas for Pregnant Women

In summer, having a baby in your tummy is uncomfortable, but luckily for pregnant women, the sun has already completed its cycle, and the cold weather is making its way. The time has finally come to say hello to winter pregnancy looks.

Unlike any outfit for a summer pregnant woman, winter fashion is very versatile and combinable. You can wear many layers of clothing and turn even the most basic garment into outfits worthy of admiration.

That is why here are some best looks for winter pregnant women so that you can enjoy and take care of your belly in the most fashionable way possible.


If you have a casual summer dress and don’t know how to use it as a winter outfit for pregnant women, here is an idea. Long coats or jackets are a must this season. In addition to sheltering a large part of our body, they give any garment an elegant style both day and night. Pair them with knee-high boots to keep warm.

What we are talking about layers or layers of clothing in cold climates applies here. In this pregnant outfit, different garments are mixed to create a unique and comfortable winter pregnant look. Use a dress as a base garment and layer thick coats on top to balance the temperature. If you are cold, choose to wear a long scarf and stockings or leggings under the dress. Do you think it’s too much? Don’t worry. To stylize your figure, you can use ankle boots or short ankle boots.

#Long Cardigans

If you don’t like to recharge yourself with several layers, you can opt for this winter outfit for pregnant women. This casual look is very useful on those days when you don’t have time. Wear a t-shirt in neutral colors like black or lead and bundle up with a long cardigan. For the bottom, you can wear leggings or maternity jeans. Finish your look for a winter pregnant woman with sports shoes and to give it a winter touch, complement your outfit with a wool hat.

When you are expecting a baby in winter, you must take care of yourself twice, since it is the time when colds abound. That is why our winter looks for pregnant women should shelter every part of our body. Copy this outfit using a wide blouse with prints. To keep the bottom warm, wear thick jeans or leggings. Another very important detail is the footwear. In winter, you must choose shoes that protect both your feet and calves from the cold. Complement your winter outfit for pregnant women with high knee boots or long boots.

#Turtle Neck Sweaters

If you are a young pregnant mom looking to dress in winter, do not hesitate to copy this look. For winter, turtleneck or turtleneck sweaters are perfect since they do not leave spaces without shelter. Add a black biker jacket in case your style is more rocker. Pair it with some dark jeans and wear your favorite sneakers. To complement the look for winter pregnancy, do not forget to wear a hat-type beanie.

#Long Coats

Whoever said that you could not be pregnant and fashionable at the same time has not seen this winter outfit. Having a long coat in your closet this season will allow you to create countless winter looks for pregnant women. You can use a casual or sweater-type dress and combine it with transparent black leggings. If you like heels, you can choose to wear low-heeled shoes to be comfortable without losing style.

#Sweater Dresses

Dresses can also be part of the looks for winter pregnant women, and here is an idea. This outfit combines the warmth of a sweater and the comfort of a dress all in one!

Having a long sweater-type dress will save you time when choosing winter maternity clothes for pregnancy. You can use them with leggings or pantyhose and combine them with high-heeled boots to highlight the outfit. If you don’t like the typical winter hats, you can wear floppy or long hats.

A total look in black will always be flattering when you are pregnant and want to look good.

#Hooded Jackets

Long hooded jackets or jackets are one of the most basic garments to create looks for winter pregnant women. To give a fashionista touch to our outfit, you can use a long-sleeved dress and combine it with pantyhose to avoid having cold legs. Wearing low-heeled boots will help us so that the soles of our feet do not rub against the cold ground.

#Animal Prints

Garments with animal print will give life to any winter outfit. Combine a loose leopard dress with black leggings, and use a gray coat or cardigan on top to avoid overshadowing the pattern. For shoes, you can opt for camel ankle boots.

#Striped Tops

This is one of the winter pregnancy looks that combines elegance with casual. Use a striped top as a base and cover it with a cardigan in dark color. For the bottom part, wear black jeans or leggings if you want more comfort. You can also wear a long scarf if the days are too cold and white sneakers that never go out of style. Complement your winter outfit for pregnant women with a handbag in neutral colors.

#Long Blouses

Long blouses are key to a stylish winter look, and their use is facilitated in the autumn and winter season since you can wear leggings and denim jeans. Complement them with high boots or with ankle boots to complete your look.


Jeans, whatever the season, are super flattering. You can combine them with a lot of clothes, and they are super comfortable. You can wear them with high-tube boots, and they look beautiful. Also, add garments such as scarves, large bags, etc.

#Long Boots

Long boots will be one of the most used trends this year, and pregnant women do not have to stay behind with this beautiful trend. Remember that as your pregnancy progresses, you should use lower heels.

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