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13 Ways To Maintain Your Indoor Playground

Creating indoor playground equipment can be a really fun and rewarding experience. Once finished, your new play centre will bring countless hours of entertainment to your kids, while also being a safe place for them to have fun. However, just like anything else in this world you have spent so much time and energy on, keeping it looking its best is going to take a little bit of work as well. Just think about what goes into keeping your family vehicle looking good. It’s the same thing with an outdoor playground.


Indoor playground equipment is usually fairly simple to maintain, depending on how often it needs to be cleaned. Outdoor playgrounds are much more difficult to maintain because they are subject to the elements. However, there are some common maintenance items for all types of inground play structures that should be performed once or twice a year.


Maintaining an indoor playground is important for safety, cleanliness, and peace of mind. While some aspects of your play area should be handled by professionals, there are quite a few things you can do yourself. Here are eight tips on maintaining the health and appearance of your indoor playground:


Get rid of old equipment 


If your entire playground was installed at once, it might be time to replace older pieces with something fresh. The older the equipment is, the more wear and tear it has endured, which means that it could become dangerous or unappealing over time.


Inspect surfaces for wear and tear 


Once a week or so, take a walk around your playground and check for any damage that may have been done. If you catch something early, it will be much easier and cheaper to fix than if you wait until the problem has gotten worse.


Check for hazards 


Now and then, take a moment to look at your playground from a safe perspective. Are there any areas where kids could potentially hurt themselves? If so, take the time to fix them as soon as possible.


Wipe down surfaces 


Anywhere that kids may come into contact with needs to be regularly cleaned. This includes equipment, floors, and walls. Make sure to use a safe and effective cleaner that will not harm your children.


Replace light bulbs 


If any of your light fixtures have burned out, make sure to replace the bulbs right away. Not only is it important for safety reasons, but it’s also necessary for maintaining a cheery atmosphere in your playground.


Remove debris 


Every day, check the play area for any small pieces of debris that may have been collected. This can include anything from leaves and sticks to food and candy wrappers.


Check for pests 


Nobody wants to deal with pests, especially not in a place where kids are playing. Make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of unwanted guests and take care of the problem quickly if you find any.


Keep surfaces clear 


Whenever you have children playing in a certain area, make sure they have adequate room to run around. Don’t have too many play structures taking up the majority of your floor space, otherwise, you’re limiting the activities that kids can do.


Keep it clean 


Now and then, give everything a good sweep or vacuum to remove any cobwebs or loose dirt that has gathered over time. This is especially important if you have young children crawling around on the ground because they could ingest anything they happen to pick up along the way.


This is a job that can quickly become tedious, but it’s important to keep all of the surfaces in your play area clean. Not only will this make it look nicer, but it will also help reduce the spread of germs.


Wash hard surfaces 


If your indoor playground has concrete floors or walls with porous textures, cleaning them is fairly easy using a pressure washer and some water mixed with dish soap.


Wipe vinyl areas 


Since most indoor play equipment is wrapped in vinyl coating, periodically wipe down these surfaces to remove any dirt, dust or fingerprints.


Inspect equipment regularly 


It’s always a good idea to check your play area for any loose screws, missing bolts or other problems that could cause injury. If you do find something wrong, fix it as soon as possible.


Get creative with decorations 


A little bit of creativity can go a long way when it comes to keeping your indoor playground looking fresh. Try adding new mats, painting some walls or even putting up a few new toys to jazz it up – just make sure you’re not sacrificing safety in the process.




Maintaining your indoor playground may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end. By following these tips, you can ensure that your play area is a safe and fun place for your children to enjoy.

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