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15 Best Ways To Maximise The Space On Your Walk In Wardrobe

For those of you who find it difficult to keep your clothes organised and tidy, there is good news: it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Check out these tips and tricks to maximise the space on your walk in wardrobes Sydney.


Use hanging storage on the rail 


It maximises your wardrobe space and makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Boxes with shoes in them are even better, but it also takes up more space.


Use cloth drawers for folded clothes 


If you don’t like to leave your clothes lying around, use cloth drawers to fold clothes. This is both an aesthetically pleasing look and very practical since it saves space.


Hang your belts on the inside of the door 


Use this trick if you need some extra room or want to organise your accessories. You can also opt for folding them in a drawer if you wish.


Install a hanging rail


Invest in some extra hanging rails so that you can double up on hangers, enabling you to put more clothes onto one hanger whilst saving space.


Think about an outfit before putting it back into your wardrobe


Before putting any items away after washing, think about whether there’s another occasion that you could wear them too if they still have a clean pair of trousers, a matching top and so on. This will save time when you’re getting dressed in the morning and ensure that your clothes don’t go to waste.


Place shoes on a shoe rack 


Don’t leave your shoes lying around, place them neatly in a shoe rack for easy access instead. This will save space and keep your floor clutter-free.


Use drawstrings for storage bags 


Reuse any old plastic bag by turning it into a storage bag. Simply tie the opening closed with a shoelace or piece of string. This way you can store items in them while also neatly keeping them together in one place, which is always great if you’re short on space.


Pile like items together


Don’t forget to create piles of things like socks, underwear and t-shirts (or whatever else you need to store) where they can breathe without wrinkling against other outfits. If you’re looking for something specific, store it on the very top or bottom of the stack so you can find it quickly.


Add dividers to your drawers


Many people have multiple pairs of identical shoes – black pumps, brown loafers, blue sneakers – so they sit next to each other in a row taking up all the space. Instead, you should purchase some inexpensive shoeboxes with clear fronts and divider tabs so you can see each pair at a glance. You can also use these boxes to store scarves or folded undergarments.


Use jars for smaller items


You don’t need to purchase fancy containers for things like cotton swabs, coins or safety pins if you’re not keen on shelling out extra cash. Instead, clean glass jam jars are perfect for keeping things orderly without having them roll around in a drawer or getting lost at the bottom of a container.


Keep your hangers spaced properly


Hangers with open space between can create creases that are hard to remove, so keep them tight together without overlapping too much by using either rubber bands or paperclips for makeshift hanger grips. Don’t forget to do this on both sides – you don’t want one side to appear neat while the other is bunched up and crumpled. Add labels or stickers where necessary to avoid confusion.


Leave some shoes out


The inside of your closet may be stiflingly hot if it’s jam-packed full of clothes but doesn’t leave any room for ventilation. Keep about five per cent of your wardrobe space free so air can circulate and prevent musty odours from forming. You can also stack shoe boxes or store items on top of shelves if you don’t have any floor space left.


Take time to fold neatly


Folding clothes neatly instead of chucking everything onto a shelf will result in fewer wrinkles and creases that are much easier to remove when it’s time to wear them again. Avoid using the dryer if you want clothing to last longer – air-drying is best so clothes don’t shrink or lose their colour after washing.


Organise your shoes properly


Don’t throw away old shoeboxes just because you bought new ones – they can be repurposed for storing other items like scarves, belts, lingerie and socks instead of stacking them in a wobbly pile inside your wardrobe. Keep smaller boxes where they belong instead of tossing them around the bottom of the stack until one falls out every time you reach for something. Just remember not to mix up sizes or styles or you’ll end up wasting more time than necessary every time you try to find the matching shoe.


Buy an inexpensive rack or shelving unit for extra storage space


Don’t spend a lot of money on expensive storage units – many retailers offer cheap alternatives that are just as good but cost much less. Look for something with adjustable shelves so you can customise spacing depending on your needs. Also, choose silver over gold hardware if possible since these are much more durable and will last longer in the 

long run.


Add thick padding to shelves


Make sure there’s enough room between your clothes so they don’t get snagged or wrinkled when being removed from their hangers. Thick padding at least one centimetre thick will ensure no fabric is exposed to the hard surface instead of providing an air cushion between the two. This is also ideal for keeping delicate items like lingerie safe so they don’t get ripped or damaged after pulling them off of hangers.


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