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5 Important Rules in Website Design

When you’re designing your website you should pay close attention given to every little aspect to ensure it is performing at the highest level to fulfill its function. Here are seven principles to be observing to ensure your website runs smoothly.

1.) Don’t make use of splash pages.

Splash pages are among the first pages you will see when you visit an online site. They typically have a stunning image, with words such as “welcome” or “click here to enter”. 

Actually, they’re only that — beautiful vase designs with no actual reason for them. Don’t give your visitors Website development company in Lucknow  compelled to click your “back” button! Make sure they know the value of your website right from the beginning with no splash pages.

2.) Don’t use too many banner ads

Even the most uninitiated of internet-savvy people are trained to not pay attention to banner ads therefore you are making use of valuable space on your website. Instead, offer more valuable information and incorporate relevant affiliate hyperlinks into your content and let your users believe that they would like to purchase instead of being pressured to purchase.

3.) Be sure to have an easy and clear navigation

It is important to create an easy and simple navigation menu that even a child can use it. Beware of complex Flash menus that are based on Flash, and multi-tiered dropdown menus. If visitors aren’t aware of what to do and navigate your site, they’ll be unable to return to your website.

4.) Be able to clearly indicate of the location where the user is

If your visitors are completely absorbed on your website and are glued to your site, ensure that they are aware of which area of the website they are on at the moment. So, they’ll be able browse relevant content or navigate to any part of your site effortlessly. Be sure not to confuse your visitors as confusion can mean “abandon ship”!

5.) Don’t use audio on your website

If your visitors are likely to spend a lot of time on your site or reading the content on your site it is important to ensure that they aren’t annoyed with audio that loops across your site. If you decide to add audio, ensure that they can control the volume or muting control will work perfectly.



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