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5 Major Web Design Trends In 2022

People spend less time on websites nowadays. The more time people spend on social media or other websites, the less patience they have for lengthy articles or any content that does not interest them right away. With new technologies becoming available every year, there is no limit on what you can do with your website.


According to SEO Central Coast owner Adam Porter, many web design trends come and go. Some are short-lived, some persist for several years. Just like fashion, web design trends change with the seasons. However, some of these changes are so significant that they impact how we interact with our online platforms forever.


Let us examine the changes to website media consumption in 2022.


Minimalist Design Will Continue To Be A Popular Choice For Many Websites

Minimalism has been one of the biggest web design trends since 2014. Although it might not have been completely established by now, there are no signs that this trend is slowing down or becoming obsolete any time soon. It proved its ability to create beautiful, functional websites that are aesthetically pleasing for the end-user.


The minimalist design was never about stripping a website of any design elements. On the contrary, this type of design is very visually appealing because it incorporates the highest value content possible on every page of your website. This allows for an optimal viewing experience with no distractions or unnecessary imagery to disrupt the structure or flow.


Long Scrolling Web Pages Will Continue To Gain Popularity

Maximum attention span + maximum screen size = Long scrolling webpages. It’s not necessarily a new web design trend but more of a continuation of one that has already been established by Apple with its iPhone X that features a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen that encourages long scrolling of web pages.


Whether it’s a feed on your homepage or a collection of blog posts, visitors will be able to completely immerse themselves into content that would normally require you to click to another page. Although long scrolling can be somewhat detrimental for SEO efforts (because the content is not divided up into separate pages) it also enables users to quickly scan content and find what they’re looking for without fear of missing anything important. The future is here people!


Colour Will Be Used For More Than Just “Pretty”

Colour isn’t just used as eye candy these days. It has now become an integral part of communicating ideas and emotions through interaction design. Web designer Louis Vuitton made use of this trend with a web page that allowed users to draw with a paintbrush directly on the screen.


What’s even more interesting about this concept is that it doesn’t require any type of fancy programming or coding, but rather uses WebGL to render the content on the webpage. In the future, we’ll see more websites incorporating unusual interactions that will allow for a whole different browsing experience!


Two-Factor Authentication Will Become The Default Standard For All Websites

The security of your website and personal information is something you cannot afford to take lightly. That’s why we believe two-factor authentication (2FA) will become standard by 2022 as people grow more and more conscious of how their data is being utilized online. 


The added layer of security both confirms a user’s identity and prevents unauthorized access to their account. This feature is already available for some websites, but we anticipate that 2FA will become the default standard for all websites with high-security concerns.


Artificial Intelligence Will Be Used For A Better Browsing Experience

We’re not just talking about Siri or Alexa here! Artificial intelligence (AI) has become very sophisticated over the last few years and it seems like every day there’s a new AI product hitting the market. The ability of AI to efficiently study patterns allows for an enhanced experience on your website by making suggestions based on previously observed behaviour. It can also be used by bots to automatically carry out tasks without any human interaction required. 


AI will act as the ultimate assistant that will work tirelessly to make your website and browsing experience as smooth and seamless as possible.



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