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5 Ways Bunny Keychains Can Help You Spread Cuteness

With Easter just around the corner, many people are thinking of gifts to give their family and friends. The holiday has always been a time for giving gifts, but what kind will speak to your loved ones?

     What better way to show somebody how much you care than with something that is cute, fun, and an overall good gift to receive? If you are interested in doing something unique this year for Easter, look no further than bunny keychains! Here are five reasons why you will be glad you decided to use these as Easter presents.

      1) These cute figurines can help you teach others about Jesus’s love.

     According to Christian legend, rabbits have long been symbols of fertility due to their mating habits. The Legend of the Sunny Bunny tells about how in medieval times, a rabbit was turned into stone but then returned back to life. When Jesus died on the cross, he is said to have told an angel not to hold him in death any longer than he had to so that “no one takes my life from me; I lay it down of my own accord.”

     With Easter almost here, it’s important to talk about Jesus and what he did for us. This holiday isn’t just about chocolate eggs and bunnies running around in their annual egg hunt. It is also a time when we can enjoy spending time with our families while remembering what most means to us-Jesus’s love and the resurrection.

    2) These figurines can help you teach children about Easter.

Kids love candy, festive colors, and of course cute things like bunny keychains! Why not use these to teach your young ones about the true meaning of this holiday? Just like Santa Claus is a great way for parents to make sure their kids focus on giving instead of receiving during Christmas, bunny key-chains can be good tools for getting your children excited about Easter while sharing with them why we celebrate it.

      3) They come in various sizes and styles that you will not find anywhere else.

     Bunnies are widely popular as gifts due to their adorable appearance and sweet demeanor. Because they’re such common items during Easter, it can be difficult to find a wide array of unique bunny keychains. That is why these are so great! Whether you want one that is large or small, made out of wood or metal, has big floppy ears, or long skinny whiskers, there are plenty of designs for everyone’s personal tastes.

     Also, many times if you buy something in bulk like this, the price will go down per unit. Because it may be difficult to get your loved ones multiple copies of the same gift during Easter-especially when they’re enjoying chocolate eggs -why not pick up five different kinds instead? Choose between bunnies with flowers around their neck, bunnies with bows on their heads, cute baby rabbits…you name it, there’s probably a bunny for you!

4) They are the perfect size to carry around with you during Easter festivities.

One of the best parts about these items is that they’re small and light enough to bring with you during egg hunts. This way, if a child finds a regular egg, they can trade it with an adult who has the bunny keychain instead. Doing this will encourage kids to participate in the egg hunt as well as promote sharing! Kids love trading things with each other, so this will help with their social skills as well as ensure they have something special from Easter no matter what.

      5) These make great gifts not only for those near you but those far away too.

     If you know someone to who you would like to send a gift but are unable to meet them in person, these bunny keychains are perfect for Easter. They can be sent as an email attachment so that they will have something cute waiting on their computer the moment they start up their computer for the new year! Just attach any pictures or other personal touches you want and print them out so that it’s easy to give to whomever you wish.

How to choose your perfect keychain

Many people like to carry a keychain because it can add personality and style to their outfit. If you’re in the market for a new accessory, here are some tips on how to pick the right one.

First, decide what type of material would suit you best. You could go with metal or perhaps leather if that’s more your style. Decorative metal is popular among women, while men tend to prefer more practical items such as tools and knives . Next, consider size; small keychains may be easier to carry around but they also have less impact on an outfit than large ones do. Also think about functionality – having places for all your keys is great, but will it get too bulky? Finally, decide on color and quality; this will influence how long your keychain lasts, so you’ll want to pick something that suits your lifestyle.

Here are some examples of items similar to keychains:

bag charms (more like an accessory on its own)

lanyards (for holding your keys or other small objects such as badges at conferences or events)

watch straps (perfect for giving a new look to an old watch)

bracelets (some of them have functional items attached e.g. LED lights )

Once you’ve made these decisions, it should be easy enough to pick the perfect item and add it to your outfit!



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