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5 Ways To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Bad air is often seen as a problem of the great outdoors. However, it can be an even bigger issue inside your home. While you may try to keep your home clean and tidy with regular cleaning, there are still some things you need to know about keeping your air conditioning Sydney high-quality, enough that everyone who lives in or visits your home will breathe easy. 


Here are some ideas on how you can improve the quality of the air around you:


Keep your indoor humidity levels low


We all love to have our homes feel cozy and comfortable but if the humidity gets too high this makes particles stay suspended in the air longer leading them to more easily settle on surfaces where they collect more pollutants which leads to potential health problems for people living in the home. A good level for humidity is between 40-50% in the winter months or 30-40% in the summer months.


If you have pets that are inside the house, vacuum with your filters changed regularly to remove any dander and fur build up on them before using a separate attachment to clean out the vents. Do not use fabrics made of rubber or foam as these materials break down over time releasing more pollutants back into your air. If you can’t afford new filters, make sure to thoroughly wash your current ones every month.


Keep your windows closed during rush hour traffic


Hot car engines produce even more noxious fumes when they are running idle which leads them indoors where everyone around inhales it at an alarming rate. Keeping your windows closed will keep the air pollutants down.


Avoid lighting scented candles


While we all love a nice smelling home, using scented candles can make the air quality worse. These candles emit chemicals that contribute to poor indoor air quality and may also pose a risk of fire or explosion if not used carefully or where proper ventilation is not provided. 


If you still want to use scents in your home, look for ones that use essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances which are often more toxic. Choose potpourri made from dried flowers and botanicals instead as these products do not typically contain any chemicals that can harm your family’s health like many manufactured scented items might. It’s good to know the hidden dangers of scented candles before it’s too late.


Make sure appliances such as stoves and heaters are working properly


If you have major appliances such as a furnace, stove, or clothes dryer at home, they might emit toxic particles in the air when not working properly. Make sure your furnace is cleaned regularly and the ducts are free from any blockages before using them to heat your home in the winter months. 


If you notice a burning smell when using your stovetop, call a professional immediately to inspect it for issues that may be releasing toxic fumes into your air supply. Last but not least, make sure all clothes dryers vent to the outside of the house and stay clear from any lint build-up which can cause fires.


Keep contamination sources contained


Many things around our homes contain harmful chemicals that can get released directly into the air like paint thinners, pesticides, cleaning agents, and aerosol sprays. Keep these types of products around your home in tightly sealed containers to prevent them from getting into the air or onto surfaces where others may come into contact with them.


Make sure you use good ventilation when cooking


When cooking at home, make sure you open a window or turn on a fan to let out any smoke or steam that can lead to toxins building up in your home. Also, try not to overcook foods as this also leads to more bad particles being released through evaporation.


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