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6 Simple Steps to Onboard a New Client

Onboarding a client is a lengthy process. You have to take one step at a time to ensure that it doesn’t become chaotic. You may follow the onboarding process and the protocol, but you can choose to walk a step ahead and delight a client. It’s a win-win situation for both. 

Once you’re done with the negotiation part, it’s time to sign the contract. As a passionate businessman, you may have butterflies in your stomach about meeting the client’s expectations. It’s understood. With the right kind of approach, you don’t have to break a sweat.

Here’re five simple steps to successfully onboard a new client and commence the project. 

Learn about client’s expectations

Winning a deal is one thing, but onboarding a client is a different game altogether. You have to live up to the expectations. If you promised deliverables to clients, make sure you stick to them. During the onboarding process, learn what your client is expecting from your products and services. Talk about the desired outcome and how you want to go further. This way, you can find out if your actions are bearing fruit. 

Assess risks and challenges

Onboarding a client is exciting. You’re interested in exploring different methods and mediums to impress the client. Along the way, you may find yourself juggling risks and challenges. Well, that’s the interesting part. Your client may escalate an issue concerning your product. During the initial onboarding phase, you have to be on your toes to find relevant solutions. 

Create customer-centric goals

If you’re using a marketing tool or funnel to make onboarding easy, we are with you. Use technology to your advantage to get things done faster. It brings results. If you’ve spoken to the client at length, you would know about their expectations. Based on those expectations, you can set goals and define a standard client’s onboarding journey. Make sure to include welcome emails. 

Communicate often

If you want to onboard a client and delight them further, you should communicate clearly and regularly. If you develop a habit of talking to your client now and then, you can find yourself sorted. If your work is into business credit management for small businesses, you can find relevant B2B solutions to satisfy the client. 

Track your progress

What gets measured gets done. If your client has started using your product, make sure to check the progress. Does your client find it easy? Are there any glitches? All this can help you track your progress. The onboarding journey is not all about the first few days but the weeks ahead: it is similar to checking your company CIR. 

If you expect timely payments from the client, you should give them value so both parties can nurture the bond. You should also make sure to check your commercial credit score. Late payments can affect your business credit score.

Ask for feedback

Now that you’ve kickstarted the onboarding journey, it’s time to ask for feedback and suggestions. This way, you can help make processes easier for your client. If you think any point is worth considering, brainstorm with your team and implement it. 



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