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7 Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Are Worth The Money

Bathroom renovations are one of the most popular home improvements. This is because lavatories are highly used areas in homes and oftentimes, they tend to be more outdated than other rooms (e.g., bedrooms). These makeover projects are expensive investments, but they can also be rewarding ones. We all know how frustrating it is to use a bathroom that isn’t fully functional for its purpose.


Before starting any makeover at home, bathroom renovations Central Coast owner Mark Rossello recommends researching current trends, styles and quality materials you can use in your design plan for this room. Adding lavatory renovations to your list of home improvement projects might seem like an expensive endeavour but there are also “value for money” (VFM) upgrades that you can consider that will make a huge difference in the overall appearance and functionality of this space!


If you want to see some tangible results from your hard-earned cash, here are some great bathroom makeover ideas that look expensive and luxurious but don’t cost a fortune.


Installing New Towel Racks and Shelves

Adding shelves and racks to hang towels up after showering will save endless time looking for clean towels in already wet bathrooms. There are many creative ways to create storage space in bathrooms, including using floating shelves over vanities to highlight attractive items like vases or collectibles, installing open shelving above vanities, bathtubs or toilets, adding hooks on doors or inside cabinets, and hanging baskets from the ceiling.


Installing New Mirrors

Replacing a mirror is an easy update that can have a huge impact on how a room looks, plus it improves your bathroom’s functionality by increasing the amount of space in a cramped area. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to add more light to your dark bathroom, install mirrors opposite windows so they bounce sunlight back into the room during the day.


Adding Flooring Tile To Washrooms That Don’t Have It

Adding floor tiles is one of the most expensive bathroom renovations, but if you want to add some flair to your washroom or create higher resale value for when you decide to sell your home, this may be one of your best options. However, surrounding the walls in tile is an easy way to change the entire look of a bathroom without spending too much money or time.


Installing New Faucets

Upgrading your faucets is one of the cheapest ways to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new feel. New technology has made it so much easier for homeowners to install their faucets these days! Of course, you still have to call in a professional when replacing larger faucets like those found on bathtubs and showers, but replacing smaller fixtures can typically be done yourself in just a few hours with no previous experience necessary. Remember that if you’re not sure what kind of faucet you want, installing one that is semi-permanent instead will allow you to test it out before making the more permanent change.


Installing New Toilet Seat

If you haven’t replaced your toilet seat in 10+ years, chances are that one of them is starting to look pretty worn out. Replacing a toilet seat is an easy upgrade that gives you instant gratification, plus it’s simple enough for just about anyone to do themselves without hiring a plumber. If you’re not sure which type of seat might be best for your current model, installing one with adjustable hinges can make removing and replacing existing seats easier in the future if they ever need maintenance or replacement – but even standard design seats are cheaper than most other bathroom renovations!


Adding Additional Lighting

Lighting is one of those things that you don’t typically think about until it isn’t there. Adding additional lighting will not only give your bathroom a more modern look, but it will also improve visibility and safety as well as help with issues such as water stains on walls and mirrors. Recessed lights are an easy DIY option because they’re easy to access once installed, but if you’re looking for something even simpler consider installing LED strip lights under vanities or cabinets that turn on when the room gets dark – no switches required!


Installing New Toilet Handle

Do your current toilet handles make sounds like cartoon characters when you flush them? If so, this relatively inexpensive upgrade can make a big difference in giving your bathroom a modern look. You can even purchase ones that sync with the flush button, making them simple and functional too.



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