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7 Outdoor Wedding Catering Tips For The New Normal

Couples are doing their best to cut costs as the world struggles under the Covid-19 pandemic, and their weddings are no exception. While there are many ways that you can reduce expenses from choosing a downtown venue instead of the country club, or opting for a local DJ versus a well-known musician from Melbourne, catering might not be high on your list of cost-cutting measures. However, when it comes to money-saving tips for weddings, you must not forget about catering.

According to catering Melbourne owner Sean Robertson, there are endless options for activities and scenery at outdoor wedding receptions that will allow your guests to have a wonderful time. Although many people may think that food options are limited when the event is located outside, catering is easier outside than in a restaurant because you can bring all your equipment with you rather than renting it from the location.

The following tips will help make your next outdoor entertaining experience as easy as possible.

Do not choose food that is too complex

Backyard weddings are great for doing things that you could not normally do inside, but beware of making food choices that might be too complicated. If your guests have to wait for several hours while the caterers are setting up stoves, broiling or baking then it may not be worth the extra expense. The easiest way to avoid this is by keeping menus simple and choosing foods that can be grilled, steamed or fried.

Avoid plated meals

The benefit of plated dinners is that they provide a very formal dining experience for guests, but if you can cut back on this expense without affecting the classiness level of your wedding, then go for it. There are plenty of indoor/outdoor catering companies willing to serve buffet-style meals which look just as good as plated dinners, but cost far less.

Go for a buffet during cocktail hour

The buffet is usually a cost-effective way to feed your guests at a wedding reception, and sometimes it is even better than having a sit-down meal. An example of an amazing buffet would be where the caterer serves beer and wine, and then brings out huge trays of Italian meats and cheeses along with fresh slices of bread for cocktail hour. The entire party can last well over two hours because people will constantly come back for seconds! Hire a catering company that knows how to stretch a budget efficiently while providing stellar meals for everyone.

Skip the coffee or tea at dinner

The easiest way to cut costs when it comes to catering is by skipping out on the beverages. If you have guests who are concerned about being well hydrated through dinner, consider serving water in pitchers instead of individual glasses. Simply having the choice to drink water could be enough for your family members that are just looking for another option other than wine during the meal!

Offer an outdoor bar

The more options you give your guests, the more likely people are going to stay for longer periods. An outdoor bar is an inexpensive alternative to having indoor bartenders if your wedding takes place during pleasant weather months. Outdoor bars can be set up right next to buffet tables, allowing guests to grab a snack while they are waiting for their drinks.

Limit the menu

A buffet allows you to offer variety without overwhelming your guests with too many options. If you have more than four food stations in your outdoor wedding, consider eliminating some of them so that people are not trying to decide on options at the same time. It is much easier when people can focus on one thing at a time!

Cook the meals yourself, if possible

While catering companies are fantastic when it comes to outside events, sometimes cooking for large masses of people just does not come naturally to them. If you have access to any type of kitchen or grilling space, it is a good idea to test your appetizers and entrees before deciding on a caterer. This will also allow you to consider personal preferences, such as whether or not your guests are capable of or willing to eat certain items.



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