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7 Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring An Electrician

There are many reasons why you might need to hire an emergency electrician Brisbane. It could be a major appliance in the house that has stopped working, or it could be that something isn’t lighting up when it should be. Whatever the case may be, there is no point in hiring someone without asking them basic questions about their job. This would not only allow you to get more information on who they are and what they’re capable of doing, but also give you a rough idea of how much the services will cost if hired. Here are seven basic and important questions you should ask when hiring an electrician:


What Services Do You Offer?


Ask what types of services they offer and whether these include both existing homes and new construction. Also, inquire how many years of experience they have done the job you require so you can determine a satisfactory level of competence.


How Long Will It Take To Do the Job?


When hiring an electrician, you should have an idea about how long their services will take to complete – this includes set-up time and any necessary repairs that may be required after installation. They should be able to give you a well-rounded estimate as to how much time it will take them to complete the job for your home or business. If they can’t give you a flat amount of time, then move on to another company.


Can You Provide A List Of References?


It’s a good idea to ask whether they provide references from previous customers who have used their services in the past. This will allow you to inquire further about their level of service from a different perspective, find out whether the project was done promptly and if they managed to meet their clients’ expectations.


Can You Provide Any Testimonials?


It’s also good to ask for testimonials or reviews of previous customers who have used their services before. Their website may include some referrals that were given by previous clients which you can read through, but it is always helpful to get personal testimonies after work is completed so you know what others say about them without filtering the information yourself. If they don’t leave any contact information on their site, then this could be an indication that they are not confident enough in what they have to offer.


How Much Will The Job Cost?


Pricing is always a sensitive subject, but you must be aware of how much money you’ll have to pay for the services to know whether it’s within your budget or if they are overcharging you for something simple. You can get an idea about what other companies charge by looking online and doing some research on pricing so that you’re not being charged an arm and a leg for something minor. Keep in mind that your best bet would be hiring an electrician who works with high-quality materials. This will ensure that your entire system is always safe and that your home or commercial building is up to code.


Do Any Of Your Electricians Have Certification?


It’s important to know whether any of the people who will be working at your property have certification, as this can ensure safety throughout the entire installation process. Some states require electricians to hold a license while others do not, but you shouldn’t hire someone if they don’t have any credentials. This doesn’t mean they cannot provide quality service; it just means you should make sure you are aware of what types of certifications they hold before you allow them onto your property. If an electrician has not completed training courses on how to handle hazardous matters like gas lines or other concerns, then they may put themselves in danger, not to mention your property.


Do You Work On Weekends?


Many people do their best work during the week when they are not occupied with other obligations, so asking whether or not someone is available through the weekends can give you an idea about how busy they are and if they will be able to complete the job for you within a reasonable timeframe. If everything else lines up but weekend availability will not fit into your schedule, then it might be better to find another company that offers services on Saturdays or Sundays. It’s always good to have this information at hand before hiring someone. You should also ask whether emergency appointments are necessary or what type of notification system they use should there be an emergency during normal business hours.




Asking these ten questions during an interview with an electrician ensures that everyone involved has the same expectations when the job begins. It’s crucial information to have before hiring someone, especially when dealing with electrical concerns. Hiring someone who cannot answer these questions accordingly could result in poor performance and overall dissatisfaction on your part once the project is completed. However, a professional electrician should be able to provide you with the information you need to feel confident about hiring them.



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