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7 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Noisy

There are several times when you might notice a sudden change in the noise coming from your air conditioner. Sometimes this can be an inconvenience if the noise adds stress to your day. But sometimes it’s more serious, and means that there is something wrong with your unit that you need to address as soon as possible. 


Air conditioning Brisbane owner Gary Hill explains that cooling systems may be noisy from time to time (usually because of vibrations), although if your air conditioner is often making loud noises, it may be time to have the unit inspected by a professional. There are several reasons why this appliance can produce noises, and some of them could indicate that the unit needs to be repaired or replaced.


If you know why your air conditioner is causing all that racket, you will know what to do with it next.


A belt or rollers have worn out or fallen off 

The fan belt on your cooling unit may have become loose over time, which can lead to poor airflow and cause lots of rattling within the machine. This often requires a more intensive repair than just tightening up a belt on your own, so it’s best to leave this job to a professional technician. However, sometimes you’ll hear noises coming from underneath the machine – if this is happening, one of your fan rollers may have worn out or fallen off. This is a very quick fix that can be done yourself with little effort, and you’ll save money by doing it instead of hiring a mechanic.


The unit has been installed incorrectly 

If your air conditioner was recently installed, it might not have been done correctly. In this case, the unit may vibrate intensely when in use- this means that either your equipment doesn’t fit well within the space where you’ve placed it, or the contractor who did the work didn’t properly fasten all of its components together. To solve this problem, hire a professional technician to inspect your machine for any loose parts or gaps in the framework- they should also look at the current configuration and make sure that it matches your needs.


The outdoor unit has been overworked 

If you have an older air conditioner, it may be due for a replacement to keep up with the design of more modern systems. When this happens, your old unit will continue trying to work as hard as possible to produce cold air – this excessive effort can lead to loud noises from the unit. To solve this problem, have a technician inspect your machine and recommend a new model that is better suited for your home’s air flow demands.


There is dirt or debris around or within the motor 

When a motor gets dirty or clogged with debris from pet hair, it can cause serious damage to the fan blades. This can lead to rattling sounds when in use, and it generally means that you need to take your machine in for repairs to clean out the motor so it can work properly again.


A component is loose within its housing 

Many components within an air conditioner are held in place by very tight screws or bolts- when these parts loosen over time, they can start vibrating against their plastic/metal housings, which will create loud noises during operation. This is a common problem that you shouldn’t attempt to fix yourself- instead, bring in a professional who has experience in fixing systems quickly and efficiently.


The drainage system isn’t correctly configured

If your unit has a drainage system that doesn’t lead to an appropriate location, then it can fill with water. This excess weight can cause your unit’s motor to work even harder, leading to rattling sounds. There are some simple solutions you can try first if you notice this problem, make sure that the drain hose is properly connected and free of any obstructions or dirt/debris. If not, disconnect the hose from its connection point on the bottom of your cooling unit, clear out any debris inside of it, and reconnect. If this problem persists after all of these adjustments are made, then call in a technician who won’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your machine without causing further damage.


The bolts and screws that hold your unit together have come loose

Every air conditioner is held in place by several screws and bolts- if these pieces tighten too much or come loose, then there won’t be enough support holding together all of the components within the machine. This can lead to unbalanced forces inside of the unit which can create vibrations and rattling when in use. To solve this problem, it’s crucial to bring in a professional technician who has experience with occasionally tightening up parts so there is no more play between components.



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