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7 Signs Your AC Is Trying To Tell You Something

Today’s blog post is about how to tell when your AC unit needs repairs. If something seems off with your air conditioning Wollongong unit, then chances are that there is most likely an underlying problem that needs to be addressed sooner than later. While the article briefly stated eight different signs, it didn’t tell readers exactly what they might experience if their AC needed repair. The following list will help readers better understand some of the problems they may face if their AC unit needs fixes:


Strange Noises 


If you hear strange noises coming from your unit at any time throughout the year, it could mean a few things. First, it might be as simple as a branch hitting against the exterior of your house which causes nearby equipment to make a racket as it rattles in the wind. Another possibility is that there is ice build-up where one of your exposed drain lines meets an evaporator coil, but this only occurs during the winter months. Lastly, a strange noise could be indicative of a serious problem with your AC unit’s components which will require a professional inspection ASAP.


Lack Of Airflow 


Airflow from your unit should be present throughout any given year regardless of outside temperature or time of day. If you notice that airflow from your vents starts to wane, something may have been blocking the vent causing it to divert air elsewhere. In addition to decreased airflow, if you also feel hot or cold spots around the house then this likely means that temperatures are not being regulated properly and that there is a problem with airflow.


Unusual Odours 


When an AC unit starts to malfunction, odours may begin to seep through your home which will oftentimes smell like either burned rubber or dust. If you notice such smells coming from your vents, it’s best to turn off the power supply and call in a repairman as soon as possible. Not only could these smells be indicative of problems with your AC unit, but they can also affect the health of those living inside your home if left unchecked. Rashes and breathing issues should both be taken seriously unless proven otherwise by other factors.


A Higher Than Normal Energy Bill 


If something is wrong with your AC unit (or heating system for that matter), then chances are that you will experience a higher than normal energy bill. This can also occur if your unit is just running non-stop because no one wants to adjust the temperature settings and regulate airflow properly. In addition to a higher energy bill, there might be other oddities such as hot water taking longer to run or unusual sounds coming from your heater.


Insects And Other Wildlife Have Moved In 


If you start noticing small insects or spiders around your vents or through cracks in the foundation of your home, then this is likely a sign that they have been drawn by backed-up air from inside your AC. If left unchecked, these insects could continue nesting inside even after repairs have been made without further assistance. Additionally, if you spot bees, wasps, hornets, or other stinging insects in and around your unit then this is a serious warning sign to get them out before they find their way inside.




While the article only briefly mentioned leaks as one of the signs your AC might need repairs, it’s worth noting that if your AC starts to leak then this is an even more serious problem than previously thought. If water damage has occurred due to improper airflow and lack of maintenance, then not only will you have an expensive bill to pay for your repairman but also for someone who can dry out the affected area(s) to prevent rot or mould from forming. Even if no visible leaking can be seen at the time, condensation can still build up especially if the unit is not vented properly.




If you see a lot of smoke coming from your vents which smells like burning plastic or rubber, this is a good sign as it means that there is probably a fire going on inside. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that everything is okay and that no maintenance needs to be done. In most cases, this could even indicate that your AC has been compromised with wiring damage or other problems which pose an immediate safety hazard. If you notice smoke from any part of your system at all, then you should shut off the power immediately and contact someone for assistance.



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