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8 Crowdfunding Platforms to Charge Your Business Financially

You have started a business, aiming to reap huge profits through your novel business plans, serving the community by solving complex problems and providing employment opportunities to people, and so on. But the real problem arises when you run out of capital costs to further expand your business to new horizons. Lack of treasury can seriously become a hindrance to your company’s profitability and reputation. Your business needs truckloads of cash to expand across boundaries and grow into something meaningful and sustainable. 

Reading the above statement sounds familiar? Luckily, they are not your only option, as you can do crowdfunding for tech startups from different sources. 


What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a phenomenon for small businesses and startups to acquire funds from different sources in return for rewards, equities, or nothing in most cases. Moreover, crowdfunding helps you gain funds faster and bolster the boundaries across new markets. Having understood what crowdfunding means, let us explore the benefits of crowdfunding for both startups and investors. 


Indispensable Benefits of Crowdfunding for Investors and Startups

Now, most would have a biased opinion about crowdfunding that only startups enjoy the benefits of crowdfunding. But the reality is a two-sided coin. Equity crowdfunding is the most adopted practise among companies to raise funds, where investors invest vast amounts of money, expecting benefits in the form of equities or shares. Although startups are risky ventures, they may become a unicorn and return lucrative benefits to their investors. 


Top Crowdfunding Platforms for Businesses Today


Kiwi Technologies

Since its inception in 2009, KiwiTech has consistently innovated for a better future. They have combined their experience with a passion for innovation as a custom software development company. Their approach in consulting enables them to provide technology services from all ends, especially for startups, aspirational individuals with vision and leaders in the tech world. With a flair for identifying potential executives, they work with innovative customers to develop futuristic digital products.  



Kickstarter is an ideal crowdfunding platform providing crowdfunding for tech startups and service-based businesses, for instance, companies with subscription models. It is a reward-based crowdfunding platform and extends its support for companies that have clearly defined goals. 



AngelList is one of the most reliable equity-based and debt-based crowdfunding platforms for businesses and angel investors and holds the credit for crowdfunding giant players such as Uber. It also has a reputation of raising over $700 million through crowdfunding for tech startups contributing to their growth since 2013. 



Patreon is another donation-based crowdfunding platform creating a solid buzz around the gaming and entertainment industry. Creative entertainers like YouTubers, game streamers, podcasters, and independent musicians resort to Patreon to keep their business going and blooming. 

It comprises a subscription-based model that allows the entertainers to resonate with their audience by making unique content available to the subscribers who fund them. 



GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that helps individuals raise funds for personal expenses, healthcare or charity purposes. It acquires a 0% platform fee and offers 24/7 expert assistance. 



The experiment is an exciting platform for raising funds for scientific discoveries, be it for patents or funding for software development for startups. It welcomes all new inventions and helps raise funds for them. However, experiment funds your discoveries and inventions only if it pushes the expected boundaries of knowledge.



WeFunder allows you to raise from $50000 to $50 million from investors for your business. Most businesses resorting to this platform take just about one to two months to reach their crowdfunding goals. From fancy restaurants to crowdfunding tech startups, WeFunder extends its helping hands to all. 



SeedInvest connects your early-stage startup with professional and overseas investors, especially to back up your software development for startups through seed funding. You can provide the preferred equity for distribution among the investors seeking to invest in your firm. SeedInvest charges a minimal 7.5% of placement fee for the total amount raised through SeedInvest.


Closing Thoughts

Crowdfunding is a highly reliable platform if you do not have enough funds to support your business financially. Then, the only thing you have to do for an exchange is to provide suitable returns to your investors in the form of rewards, shares or debts. 



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