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9 Health Benefits Of A Climbing Playground

A climbing playground provides accessible exercise of the highest calibre. It is a healthy play option for children, especially those of more advanced age, who are physically able to participate in sports and strenuous activity. This playground gear allows kids to play indoors or outdoors, depending on weather conditions. Climbing can provide exercise on all muscle groups while promoting balance, agility, coordination and strength all at once.


Playground equipment owner Anthony Swain explains that if you have a child who is reaching the age where they need to be more active and interested in playing outside, a climbing wall can be an excellent way to encourage them. A climbing wall can be a playground or an outdoor structure that typically has some type of handholds, footholds, and other features on its surface. A person with knowledge of rock climbing can use these features to climb up it vertically. It is considered one of the most beneficial forms of workouts for especially children because it enables them to keep themselves fit by having fun.


The following list explains the advantages children will get from playing on a climbing playground.


Develops balance

Climbing involves a person to fully stretch out their body as they reach for footholds or handholds – this requires a strong sense of balance because you might lose control if both hands are occupied holding holds but you still need to make adjustments with your feet and legs constantly and quickly.


Improves patience and self-confidence

As kids age, it becomes an activity where they face challenges to find the best path up the wall. This requires them to try repeatedly and it helps them develop patience as well as a feeling of self-confidence as they learn from their past experiences.


Sharpens focus

Since children can let go of holds as they climb, this activity teaches kids how not to be distracted easily by anything else other than what is in front of them which builds willpower to finish climbing towards a goal without any interruption from outside distractions.


Increases strength, power and mobility

This workout helps kids’ bodies shift weight through space which enables them to use their entire body’s potential for increasing force. In the process, it increases concentration on moving one part at a time until you’re able to successfully reach your goal. Climbing also helps kids develop their body’s mobility, strength and power by allowing them to push through different types of holds.


Boosts metabolism

This activity tends to increase heart rate which will help you burn more calories than usual so it can boost your metabolism thus promoting weight loss or management.


Improves balance, coordination and posture

As kids get older, they face different problems with learning how to climb because they need not only strong upper body strength but also they should have great coordination between toes and hands as well as good posture in the whole body especially when having a lot of stress on one small area of the foot or hand that needs to be held up for them not to fall. However, if their posture is not correct due to poor balance, they will not maintain strength in the wrong position and eventually lose it. This workout helps them build a strong back and a good posture by constantly maintaining a full-body tension throughout their climb.


Encourages creativity

As kids play with this equipment, they don’t only use one path to reach the top but they develop new paths while facing different problems along the way. Thus, building creativity as well as problem-solving skills.


Boosts energy levels

During climbing activities or workouts, children’s bodies do an intensive job of using large muscle groups which gives them more stamina and boost their energy levels. Also, it helps stimulate metabolism to release endorphins which are “feel good” hormones.


Reduces stress

Climbing workouts not only improve one’s physical agility but also stimulate brain activity which reduces excess cortisol in our body that results from stress. Besides, cardio exercises help strengthen heart muscle which pumps more blood that contains oxygen throughout your body, therefore, reducing fatigue or tiredness brought by stress.

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