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9 Tips For Power Guest Blog Posting

During the last couple of years, guest posting has become more difficult as search engines are putting more emphasis on quality content. Power guest blogging is a strategy that you can use to increase traffic to your blog, gain new readers and build relationships with influencers in your niche.


According to SEO Central Coast owner Adam Porter, guest blogging is an effective way of showing a new audience what you are all about as a brand, and making a great first impression can go a long way toward establishing yourself as a thought leader. This has become an increasingly popular way of getting links back to a website or blog. These links can then help improve the chances that a particular page will rank higher in various results pages of search engines.


Let us take a look at some useful guest posting tips which will give you an edge over other bloggers and digital marketers.


Find Your Voice

Don’t just mimic someone else’s writing style. If you can do that, then why have them write the post in the first place? Plagiarizing or using work that already exists diminishes your ability as a writer and wastes everyone’s time. Instead, find out what makes you unique – your voice – and use it to your advantage. 


Improve Your SEO 

The most successful guest posts are the ones that become links in other people’s content. For this reason, you want to use keywords. The best way to do this is to place them in the article naturally rather than force it or use lots of keywords just for SEO purposes. You don’t want to be spammy. 


Pull Up Your Analytics

According to Google Analytics, three out of four internet users won’t ever scroll past your first set of results when they search something – even if they’re looking for more information. This means that you have two lines above your post title before someone decides whether or not they’ll keep reading – which doesn’t leave much time for them to decide! 


Craft A Powerful Headline That Draws In Readers

Remember that gatekeeping statistic? This is why you need a headline for your guest post that captures your readers’ attention – and fast. You’ll want to bear in mind that it won’t be the only first impression they get of your writing, but it will be their primary first impression. To master this art, study other successful headlines and figure out what works well together. From there, you can attempt crafting some good ones yourself! 


Increase Your Reach With Social Media Sharing Buttons

When writing your article try not to forget about social media sharing options like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest buttons on each section of text. When people feel like they’re missing out on something hot if they don’t have an account for one of these sites, they’ll likely want to create one so that your posts are more visible to them. Do this right, and you might even turn some new visitors into loyal followers!


Make The Most Of Your Guest Posting Opportunities

Just because you have a guest blog post doesn’t mean that people are going to start visiting your site in droves. For that reason, take advantage of the real estate on other people’s blog pages by using it as another marketing channel for yourself or your business. Make sure to include links back to your website to maximize the opportunity. 


Jumpstart Your Search Engine Rankings With Active Link Building

You can also benefit from links within the actual text of your guest post; that is, if they’re done right. You can’t simply plaster links everywhere in the hopes that Google will notice, however. The search engine giant has become much more intelligent about link building in recent years and has started using them to evaluate content quality because it wants to deliver the best information to its users; not just whatever website offers the highest pay-out. 


Keep Your Content Up To Date

One of the most frustrating things about guest blogging is coming back to a piece you did six months ago only to realize that it’s no longer relevant or accurate! If you want power guest posting, don’t fall into this trap by continuously updating your content so that it stays with trending topics and newsworthy events.


Take Advantage Of The ‘Outbound’ Link

In the early days of SEO, linking out to other sites was considered a big risk because it could be seen as self-promoting and send all kinds of red flags to search engine crawlers. Today, there is no problem with this so long as you do it the right way. If done properly, you can gain some guest posting brownie points for proactively pointing people towards useful content that they might find helpful; especially if this helps them do their job better!



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