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A Complete Guide to custom dab packaging | Sire Printing

Successful ensures that your concentrates and extracts are supplied securely and quickly in a retail context, leaping off the shelf. Custom dab packaging may help you boost sales and improve your image while also emphasizing the value of the concentrates and extracts contained within. Your unique dab packing is perhaps the most significant sales tool. To get started, simply choose a packing category from the list below and get a quotation right now!

Select your custom dab packaging 

Whether you’re new to Custom dab packaging or not, you’re aware that it might be difficult to order. What size am I looking for? Is a child-resistant closing required? Is there a limit to how many colors I can imprint? When contemplating the many types of packing solutions available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices. Don’t worry, it’s quite normal.


By getting a quotation through our website, you may choose your custom marijuana packaging based on durability, appearance, and product protection. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your packaging needs, whether you have all of the materials ready to go or need some assistance selecting the correct design.

Choose your size and Material for custom dab packaging

After deciding what form of custom marijuana packaging is best for your cannabis, the following step is to choose the size and materials for your packing. Safety, usefulness, sustainability, and shelf appeal are all important considerations when choosing the ideal CBD product.


Purchase our High-Quality Boxes at the Lowest Price

Sire Printing is one of the most experienced printing and packaging companies in the United States and Canada. We are one of the few custom box providers who provide their clients complete choice over the design of their custom dab packaging, as well as unrivaled service with no minimum order size. We like to give a custom design service so that you may have the right packaging. Along with the fact that we create custom dab packaging that not only protects the delicate concentration jars but also enhances the appeal of the extracted goods to make them more appealing to patients.

Take charge of it and make it your own 

The foundation of your brand identity is your logo. It’s one of the first things clients see about your business, so making a strong first impression is critical. We offer graphic design services that not only represent your brand’s message, but also highlight the quality of your product through attractive custom dab wax boxes. We can assist your package grow every step of the way, whether you have an existing brand that needs creative support or you want to start from scratch. Furthermore, our diverse personnel will assist you in obtaining flawlessly created bespoke packing boxes, and our skilled designers will ensure that you receive the best designs possible. You will be given a 3D representation of your design for final inspection, and the design will be submitted for final processing after you are completely pleased. Similarly, take advantage of our free shipping service, and we will ensure that your choice boxes arrive at your door in the shortest time possible. We leave no stone unturned in order to provide you with the finest service possible, since exceeding our clients’ expectations is our top priority.

Get your custom dab packaging custom-designed to set your product

Many firms make CBD-derived goods, including dabs for relaxation and pain management, as well as extracts, tinctures, wax, and crystals. As a result, we provide your very own artistically designed boxes on display with health advantages to help clients identify what they’re looking for quickly. Furthermore, you can have the amount of CBD and THC, as well as a consumption warning and a cannabis symbol, written on these high-quality packing boxes to keep clients aware about all necessary information. We offer skilled box manufacturing services to the health-care business, including innovative new designs for custom dab packaging that inspire people to purchase them. Place an order for personalized custom dab wax boxes that have all of the necessary information written on them.

Do you want the best for your company?

Get the best packaging for your business by taking advantage of our unrivaled custom printed cardboard custom dab wax boxes. Every company may now have its desired boxes brilliantly manufactured in bespoke shapes and sizes to meet their individual product requirements. For your CBD infused wax, hemp tinctures, and other therapeutic items, you may obtain the greatest custom created boxes. To keep your consumers well-informed on how to avoid any catastrophes, get items’ appropriate usage as per the age range indicated on the packaging. We specialize in short-run orders and work hard to get them to you as quickly as possible so that you may optimize your supply chain. Maintain the availability of your items in the market for the total convenience of your clients. With our free shipping service in the United States and Canada, you can place an order and have it delivered right to your door.


Construct a quote

We believe in uncompromising quality. Our team of specialists will work with our trusted factories to discover the best custom dab packaging option for your CBD once you submit a quote through our website. That’s not all, though. Our skilled team optimizes your packaging investment by determining the best approach to source your packaging, collecting several competitive quotes from manufacturers, and maximizing your logistical footprint, to name a few examples.



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