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action movie led by women in the past decade

Traditionally, action movies have been testosterone filled, procrastinating and shooting mad vehicles for muscle actors to vent their anger, while women are usually put aside as love objects or supporting actors. If they are not murdered in the first few minutes, they will stimulate the rage of the protagonist. But women can also use guns, swords, bows, arrows and even lightsabers to protect their lives and loved ones – films have begun to realize this. From 2009 to 2019, women saved the threat of world survival from any number of screens. Perhaps unlike men, usually but more and more frequently, an audience can increase the success of the best maternal action movies of the past decade.

From super capable protagonists to trained assassins to ordinary women forced to spend particularly bad days and unfortunate environments, these stories focus not only on their strength, but also on the fragile moments that make them move towards their goals. Fasten your seat belt and let’s explore the best action movie led by women in the past decade.

Mad Max: the road to rage (2015)

The title of crazy Max: the road to fury may be max lokadansky (played by Tom Hardy), but there is no doubt that this is one of the best female action films in the past decade and history. After being captured by the cruel “immortal Joe” (Hugh Keith Bourne), Max was rescued by friosa (Charlize Theron). Friosa came to Joe’s clutches, rescued the sexual slaves in his harem, and began a crazy journey. She hoped that everyone could be saved.

In addition to Tina Turner in crazy Max: in addition to thunderdome, the franchise treatment of some women in the past is usually bad, which is a great surprise and angry Road: the story of women is all their ferocity, vulnerability, warrior power and emerging power ensemble performance. In fact, such a strong female role in crazy Max did cause a small number of men to boycott the film for this reason. Max usually sits behind friosa and her ward. Friosa’s three-dimensional characters look plump and moving in the sound of guns, screams and violent drums. As the revival of an exciting series of films and an action adventure as strong as Mount Tai, this film proves that women are not just things in action films – they can be the human nature of the film, as well as its heart and soul.

Wonder woman (2017)

Princess Diana of demicilla (Gail gado) lives a very happy Amazon life, practicing fencing and archery on the hidden island of the woman she will rule. But then came a wounded soldier Steve Trevor (Chris pine). He told the Amazonians that a terrible war was going on. Without help, the good people could not win. Diana made a difficult decision to leave her home, knowing that she might never come back and use her superpower to help win World War I.

Although we don’t spend enough time with Amazon warriors, we can (or should) – these powerful and beautiful women should have their own whole film – watching Diana’s face, groups of men wear their own uniforms and easily beat them is indeed a special moment, the type of action represented by women. But it’s not just her strength that makes Diana different. She can love and fight, and her fragile moments with the Amazon sisters and later with Steve Trevor made the superhero very, very human.

Magic Captain (2019)

This is Marvel’s first female led film, which tells the story of a Kerry soldier named Firth (brie Larson) who suffers from amnesia after being destroyed by the cosmic magic cube endowed with her super power. After being captured by the enemy Skrull deformer, vers fled and crashed on earth, where she found that her previous life was that of U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. But when she pulls in loose threads before her life, more secrets will change the historical process of humans and aliens.

Captain Marvel is different from other movies in Marvel film universe. It adds a shamaran turn at the end, adds a special feminist look, and skillfully reveals the gas lights experienced by many powerful women in the hands of men trying to control them. Captain Marvel’s message is clear: believe in yourself and your talents, even if the person you admire may tell you the opposite. Bree Larson’s dynamic performance highlights Captain Marvel’s incredible physical strength and Carol Danvers’s innate humanity, making the film more than a simple superhero film.



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