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Always Keep Your LPG Cylinder Topped Up

If you are using LPG at home or work, you must know how pertinent it is to keep your LPG topped up. You must order a replacement cylinder as soon as it runs out in case you are using more than one gas bottle for households or businesses. You can ask people in your workplace or home to keep an eye on your gas levels so that you never run out of gas.

Many gas companies help you to set up a regular delivery schedule based on your needs in case you have an LPG tank. In some situations, you might end up using less or more LPG than usual then get in contact with your chosen company for more or less frequent gas deliveries. Also, the delivery days might vary depending on your location hence it is important to know when your gas supplier delivers LPG in your area so that you can plan accordingly.

How can you check the level of gas in your LPG cylinder?

Check the level of gas in your cylinder by pouring hot water down the cylinder’s side. After a minute just run your hands down the cylinder. When you touch the level of the gas then it should feel cool. Always take necessary precautions while handling the hot water.

Expert advice

Every gas company has LPG experts who are responsible for the necessary communication with the client. These experts will communicate with you to understand your LPG requirements and storage solutions which are perfectly based on your needs.


For installation, your gas company must meet all standards for safety and compliance requirements.

Automatic refills

With better service, your gas will be topped up according to the refill schedule which matches your usage patterns perfectly.

Detecting a gas leak

Since LPG is an odorless and colorless gas in its natural state, an odorant is added to make it easier to detect leaks. Due to this odorant, you smell gas in case of any leak.

When you smell gas immediately check:

  1. If any lights on the pivot on your appliances have gone out.
  2. If the burners on the stove were turned on accidentally.
  3. If the connections on your LPG bottle, equipment, or gas appliances are kept perfectly.
  4. If your gas cylinder is nearly empty then gas at the bottom may smell stronger.

Nowadays with the help of the LPG cylinder booking app, anybody can book a gas cylinder from the comfort of their house within a few clicks.



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