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An Inside Look at CNC Machining

The majority of woodworkers define the worth of a woodworking tool through the speed and the precision that it creates wood. The early 1970s saw the introduction of computer controlled (CNC) woodworking equipment took this value to a higher level. 

In contrast to traditional woodworking machines which require different levels of manual control CNC machines allowed to automatize the process of woodworking. Instead of controlling the machine as it works it can be programmed to carry out the intended task. It can also create higher-quality woodwork than conventional woodworking machines, and create it at a quicker speed.  4 and 5-axis Milling In California

Cutting Accuracy

Wood CNC machines are most well-known for their incredible cutting precision due to two things: cutting on the Cartesian coordinate system that allows for the control of three-dimensional motion, and the utilization of multiple cutter heads. The result is the capability to cut intricate, 3D designs that otherwise would need to be cut manually. The precision and cutting capabilities of CNC machines makes it attractive to woodworkers who are professional and hobbyist alike. It also helps the former in another way great repeatability across huge production run.

Manual routers can cause the issue of waste parts due to human errors. In time, this issue can cause other issues such as lost revenue because of the waste of materials, as well as lost production time because of reworking. CNC machines eliminate the human error that is caused by the hand-operated woodworking machines which is a major benefit for businesses that manufacture a large amount of woodwork.

Production Volume

Wood CNC machinesare praised for their incredible cutting precision. Their ability to accommodate an increasing demand for their products is equally amazing. Because their work is computer controlled, their efficiency of movement and cutting speed reduce production time. If the proper dimension of the cutting table is in place, even big pieces like stairs risers can be made efficiently.

Woodworkers frequently comment that CNC machines can accomplish the same amount of work that many manually controlled machines could create in the same amount of time. This is certainly the case. If two or more conventional machines are replaced by CNC machines, the amount of work space could increase as well as the capability to reduce staff by using machines with fewer operators is a possibility.

Buying a CNC Machine

CNC machines of industrial grade are expensive. However, the added benefits provide them with could increase their value in the long run over manual ones. The expense of purchasing a new CNC machine prompts many woodworkers to look at buying used machines which is a feasible option if it is purchased from a reputable retailer of used woodworking equipment. In most cases the used CNC machine will cost half the price it would have when it was new and is still able to provide top performance and reliable operation for years more.



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