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Best Hospital for Spine Surgery Treatment in Mumbai

Aging and improper way of seating create complications in the back. Moreover, a structural abnormality in your spine creates pain in the back. In addition, it may develop chronic back pain, which is quite severe. Thus, in such cases, the patients have to get immediate treatment. Usually, spine surgery is mainly suggested by doctors. First, the doctors will investigate and examine the spinal cord area. Then, it will determine the conditions and difficulties. Jaslok Hospital Mumbai offers an excellent spine surgery treatment without any medical intervention. 

The doctor will recommend open surgery or minimally invasive spinal surgery. However, the experienced surgeon only performs spine surgery. Thus, it is necessary to take immediate medical advice for the same. 

Why Jaslok Hospital Mumbai?

The Jaslok Hospital Mumbai is the leading tertiary hospital that provides the best treatment option. The team of professional doctors is proficient in delivering the treatment without any medical intervention. The hospital flaunts through the advanced medical facilities that it provides to its patients. In addition, this medical body is full-fledged, with 364 beds in-patients hospitals. The superior nurses provide their best medical assistance during spinal surgery. The health experts and surgeons are well trained to perform the challenging cases. 

There are various tests offered at the hospital, such as CT-scan, MRI section, blood tests, and urine tests. In addition, the hospital has a dedicated department for Spine treatment. 

Spine surgery Department

The dedicated department of Spine surgery treats all the conditions and health problems related to the spinal cord. Spinal problems include cervical, lumbar spondylosis, spinal stenosis, spinal infections, and spinal cancer. The team of professionals is dedicated to serving their best medical practice during the surgery. The surgeons perform the surgery with less medical intervention. In addition, the superior nurses assist the doctor during the surgery. 

The management of spinal problems is crucially structured to cater the sensitive cases. The surgeries include minimal access to spine surgery and complex reconstructive spine surgery. 

The department of spinal disorders is the leading provider for the best surgical treatment. 

The hospital has clinical excellence and cutting-edge technology. Thus Jaslok Hospital Mumbai provides the best medical facility for spine surgery. 

What can I expect from the treatment?

The doctor will proceed with open surgery if the condition is too severe. A long incision is made in the back near the spine area. The surgeon will perform the surgery in an awake state of anesthesia. The superior nurses will provide the proper medical assistance and treat the conditions. After the incision, the doctor will look for the complications and spine conditions. In addition, the surgeon will treat the spinal problems with minimally invasive techniques. 

It is a shorter operative time and just manipulation of tissues and muscles. The doctor will treat the damaged part in the spinal area and then stitch back the open incision. The health expert will provide medication to reduce the pain during and after the surgery. 

Screen Imaging For Spine Surgery

It is a computer-captured image that helps to determine the internal structure of the spinal area. It is also known as the traditional visualization technique. During the imaging, the doctor will implant a rod or screw on the location of the damaged part. It will help in determining the condition of the spinal cord. The computer will take images of the part and will help during the surgery. Doctors generally use preoperative computed tomography at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai. It helps the surgeon to operate at a high level of precision with safety. 

The patients might have to undergo an imaging test for the treatment and determine the anatomical position for the same. Imaging tests help in many surgical procedures.

Not all patients need surgical treatment; a nonsurgical treatment is also suggested for the patient. During the surgery, the patient might need a family member to be with them. In case you are struggling with back pain, then seek immediate medical advice. Initially, the symptoms of back pain are revealed through triggering pain. However, posture in our daily activity is the deciding factor. 

Besides, it is essential to take enough care of your daily seating posture, as the doctor will suggest for active movement. It is also beneficial to take enough breaks in between your work. After the surgery, you may have to visit the hospital for a routine check-up. It will help to monitor the spinal conditions and difficulties, if any, 

Book an appointment-

The doctors at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai are available through Credihealth to serve you their medical practice. It is essential to get immediate treatment for the spinal cord. Ignoring the signs and symptoms will only increase the risk factor. In case you want a second opinion on your spinal condition, book your appointment. The doctors are available for online video consultation to give you the proper medical advice. You can also get various medical facilities through Credihealth. Call on +91 8010-994-994 to get the best medical facility.

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