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Moroccan baths, or ‘hammam’ are a conventional ritual that is famous everywhere in the world, and for this exact reason. Moroccan bath is also known as Hammam conventional rub down and bath spa remedy this is famous everywhere in the world for its myriad fitness and healing advantages. The remedy makes use of 100% herbal Moroccan merchandise to deeply detoxify and shed all lifeless pores and skin. It gets rid of dust and dangerous bacteria even as liberating any strain and anxiety amassed to your frame over the weeks. Overall, the Moroccan bath is an exceptionally invigorating revel in the frame and mind.

The enjoyable revel in isn’t always simplest enjoyable – it has myriad fitness blessings.

The newly opened TIASKA Beauty Lounge, one of the best beauty salon in dubai specializes in only that.

With 3 stunning devoted Moroccan tub tub rooms and hundreds of remedy options, the group are the professionals on hammam – all of the therapists for hammam are from Morocco too.

While they provide masses of different services, it is the best Moroccan bath dubai that the group specialise in.So we chatted to them and were given seven exceptional fitness blessings  to splash out on such an asap.


  1. They’re enjoyable


First matters first – direction is enjoyable. Enjoy the hearty scents of the merchandise, even as you absorb a few steam, earlier than being deeply cleansed and exfoliated.

Relaxation is paramount for exact fitness – for frame and mind. And hammam will do simply that.Reduce strain, decrease your cortisol degrees and unclench.


  1. It’s deep-cleaning


Cleanliness is subsequent to Godliness, remember? Seriously though, you may by no means be as smooth as you do after a Moroccan Bath.You’ll be scrubbed inside an inch of your life, and each pore of you may be cleansed and fresh.


  1. It improves flow


Increasing your flow will assist your frame lessen water retention, detoxify, assist your blood flow, resource in recovery, and hundreds greater. And Moroccan baths will enhance its way to vigorous scrubbing and rubbing. You’ll in all likelihood sense pretty a chunk lighter after such a services!


  1. It’s exfoliating


Thanks to the nice and cozy and rough (in a very good way), exfoliation technique, lifeless pores and skin cells could be gone, and you will feel lighter than you ever have been.

Therapists use unique exfoliating mitts and rub a remedy to your pores and skin earlier than scrubbing it off, leaving your pores and skin wonderful smooth and smooth.


  1. It’s hydrating (your pores and skin)


Especially the milk and honey baths, so one can right away drench your pores and skin and have you ever feeling a good deal better. After you get exfoliated, Queen’s House Salon therapists will lather you in a moisturising remedy to make certain your pores and skin is silky smooth.


  1. It relieves muscle anxiety


Steam, exfoliation and a chunk of a rub down, each knot could be loosened, and each little bit of stiffness removed out of your body.

The dream.


  1. It can assist with anti-aging


Exfoliating and hydrating your pores and skin will now no longer simply assist in reducing the chance of blemishes, it is able to enhance your pores and skin’s elasticity, and come up with a glow – so you may feel like a brand new woman! Get a younger shine, and decrease the arrival of wrinkles.

How regularly do you have to get a Moroccan Bath?


The hammam has to be a staple of your splendor and well-being regime to take advantage of the overall blessings of the remedy and extend its effects. It is usually recommended to take a destroyer out of your day by day soap-and-water baths as soon as each week for a deeper, greater restorative cleaning of the frame.


So ee-e book one today!


Tiaska Beauty Lounge has a few brilliant offers on РMoroccan we also have a bunch of remedies from hair, to nail remedies, make-up, eyelash extensions, Botox keratin hair treatment  and greater.




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