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Best NICU PICU Hospital in Chennai- When do you need one?

The birth of a child is a blessing for every parent. However, some babies are born with challenges. A fight for existence and struggling for life. A child with a weak heart or a premature birth brings many health problems. In addition, the health of the baby is compassionate and delicate. Therefore there is always a need to look after the health of a premature baby. Apart from premature birth, a newborn baby may struggle from congenital disabilities, medical or surgical problems. As a parent, you may struggle to find the proper Neonatal care for your child. Therefore the Cloudnine Hospital Chennai offers the best NICU & PICU care for the well-being of your child. 


The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit- is a specialized department that deals with the treatment of newborn babies. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit – a department that caters to the treatment of infants, children, and teenagers.

The NICU & PICU is the department that deals with the care and treatment of the newborn, infants, toddlers and teenagers. 


Why Cloudnine Hospital Chennai?

The hospital believes in nurturing and caring for the well-being of childcare. Cloud Nine gives the best treatment and facilities for the patient. In addition, it is the only healthcare provider which focuses on the health of Mothers and Children. Furthermore, the hospital ensures a healthy and happy pregnancy procedure. Cloudnine Hospital Chennai has expanded to multiple facilities and is practicing with the latest technology. In addition, the hospital follows the international standards of childcare. The hospital has a broad spectrum of excellence in NICU & PICU. 


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The hospital offers the best NICU treatment for babies born early before 37 weeks of pregnancy. The premature birth of a baby can bring many health risks, and therefore the hospital provides intensive care. In addition, the team of NICU deals with heart problems, infections, and congenital disabilities. 

As every child needs special care, therefore, Cloudnine provides medical, surgical, and cardiology. The NICU department is well equipped with the latest technology. The technology includes  Level III NICU care, GE Giraffe incubators, ventilation, and Nitric Oxide. The specialists are well trained to perform these technologies on the newborn baby. Neonatal care is needed for every child, and Cloudnine practices a gentle approach during the treatments. 


Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 

Apart from newborn babies, infants, toddlers, and teenagers are also diagnosed with many health problems. Therefore PICU at Cloudnine Hospital Chennai is a dedicated department that offers the best facilities. The pediatric unit at the hospital offers the following parameters :

  • The PICU department is well equipped with the latest technology, which is upgraded with global standards.
  • An emergency response team is dedicated 24×7 and always available around the clock. 
  • A combination of neonatal and pediatric care delivers the best treatment for the well-being of the child.
  • The PICU care offers numerous tests, including a blood test, urine test, and Guthrie test.
  • The team of professionals includes surgeons, oncologists, gynecologists, and pediatricians. 
  • The pediatricians are well qualified and practice international standards for the treatments. 


Best Intensive Care in India

Cloudnine Hospital Chennai delivers its expertise in intensive care. The hospital is well equipped with advanced technology, such as a Level III intensive care unit. In addition, it is the only hospital that has an Adult High Dependency Unit which deals with highly challenging cases. Advanced equipment is available at the hospital for the treatment of child care. Furthermore, the hospital is certified by the National Neonatology Forum. 

The center has been offering the best treatment for the well-being of childcare. The department has the best doctors and pediatricians to tackle challenging situations. The hospital also offers its specialty in fertility, physiotherapy, radiology, and the best maternity services.  


Being a parent is always challenging, but apart from this is taking care of your newborn. Every child is precious and deserves the best treatment. However, the symptoms do not appear in the primary stage, and therefore it is essential to visit the clinic/hospital for a routine check-up. And newborn babies, infants, and toddlers are more prone to diseases. Neonatal and Paediatric is the dedicated department that provides treatment for the same. 

Even if your child does not have any health problems, it is still necessary to do a health check-up once in a while. It will help you monitor the child’s health, and in addition, it avoids future health complications.


How Credihealth helps-

The health of the children is delicate and premature birth can bring many diseases. Choosing the right hospital can be challenging. Therefore Credihealth helps you to connect with Cloudnine Hospital Chennai for your treatment. Every child deserves the best care on Credihealth. You can find the best doctors for your newborn. You can call on +91-8010994994 to book an appointment. Our medical expert will assist you with the same.

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