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Can your Prenatal Multivitamin Alleviate These Common Pregnancy Problems?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey towards motherhood, but can sometimes make the pregnant lady feel uncomfortable. This is because the hormones, body weight, energy levels, and nutrient requirements change during pregnancy, requiring the pregnant mother to make quick adaptations in order to feel better and healthier.

There are a few common problems that Pregnant Mothers face, and the key to alleviating them can be your Pregnancy Vitamins.

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness is a first trimester pregnancy symptom that has pregnant ladies feeling nauseous and queasy. The name’s a misnomer, as a pregnant lady can experience morning sickness anytime of the day. The exact reason for it isn’t known, but hormones & physiological changes during pregnancy might cause this pesky symptom during the first trimester of pregnancy. To tackle it with prenatal vitamins, ensure that you’re purchasing Prenatal Tablets that contain Vitamin B6 & Anti-Emetic Blend such as Trimacare 1. Trimacare Prenatal Tablets not only contain these ingredients that are known to alleviate Morning Sickness, they are also easy-to-swallow and gentle on the stomach, making them easy and convenient to consume by the pregnant mother.


Constipation is another common pregnancy symptom, common in the third trimester of pregnancy. Constipation can be caused due to hormones, expanding uterus, and food related reasons. While eating a diet that’s rich in fibre and staying active as per your doctor’s guidance when it comes to exercise are important to alleviate constipation, your Prenatal Vitamins can also help. The Bowel Regulator in Trimacare 3 helps reduce constipation in the third trimester, helping the pregnant lady feel less constipated. Additionally, Trimacare Prenatal Tablets also contain Time-Release Iron which does not cause gastrointestinal symptoms like regular Iron Tablets. This makes Trimacare Prenatal Tablets a lot more gentle on the stomach.

Take Away

Pregnancy is accompanied by various changes as your body transforms to accommodate the growing needs of the baby. As your pregnancy trimesters change, so do your nutrient requirements and the symptoms you experience that are associated with the pregnancy. This makes the requirement of a Trimester-Wise Prenatal Tablet important, so that your dynamic nutrient needs during pregnancy can be met. Trimacare is India’s Most Advanced Prenatal Brand which has formulated the unique Trimester-Wise course for Prenatal Supplement. Trimacare’s Trimester-Wise tablets contain 20 plus nutrients in each tablet, which removes the need to eat multiple pills for your pregnancy supplementation needs. Based on ICMR & WHO guidelines, Trimacare Prenatal Tablets are trusted by leading Indian Gynaecologists for Indian Pregnant Ladies.

A Prenatal Multivitamin helps you bridge the nutrient gaps in your diet. If  your Prenatal Multivitamin also alleviates unpleasant symptoms associated with pregnancy, provides 20 plus nutrients, and is formulated Trimester-Wise while being cost-effective, it is the obvious choice for your Pregnancy. Talk to your Gynaecologist about Trimacare Prenatal Tablets, and make sure you consume it as per your doctor’s recommendation along with a Nutrient-Dense diet to meet dynamic nutrient needs during your pregnancy. Adequate Nutrition during pregnancy can prevent Pregnancy complications, improve maternal health, support child’s growth and development, and improve pregnancy outcomes so make sure you’re eating the correct Prenatal Vitamin for your pregnancy.

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