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Check Your Blood Pressure At Home With A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor!

Are you experienced using fluctuating blood pressure and wish to monitor it consistently at home? Or are you fed up with visiting the doctor’s clinic every time you want to monitor your blood pressure? The digital blood pressure monitor has been launched in the market to check your blood pressure readings anytime, anywhere. The home monitor allows you to check it often and note it down to show it to your doctor in your next appointment. This gives a brief idea to the doctor that there is something wrong or do you need regular medication regarding the same. 

There are a lot of home blood pressure monitors to choose from, and you do not need to have a prescription to get one. You can easily find a digital blood pressure monitor in your local pharmacy, a medical supply store, or online. However, all the blood pressure monitors are not appropriate for home use, and you should get them checked by your doctor before starting to use them.

What are the types of blood pressure monitors available in the market? 

1. Automatic blood pressure monitor 

This is the most common and popular type of blood pressure machine these days used by individuals to monitor their blood pressure at home. It is also referred to as a digital or electronic blood pressure monitor. The machine has attached cuffs that wrap around your upper arm and inflate automatically when the “start” button is pressed. You can easily find a digital blood pressure machine in supermarkets or drug stores. Alternatively, individuals who cannot use cuff blood pressure monitors due to some issues can also invest in wrist monitors that are readily available in the market. 

2. Manual blood pressure monitor 

A manual blood pressure machine resembles the one used primarily in the doctor’s office. These machines primarily consist of an arm cuff, a squeezing bulb to inflate the arm cuff, and a gauge to calculate blood pressure. The manual blood pressure monitors also have a microphone or a stethoscope used by the doctors. The cuff of the blood pressure monitor is inflated around the upper arm, and the stethoscope is placed on the skin over the arteries while halting the flow of blood in short time spans. As the air from the coffee is released, the sound of the blood pumping in the arteries can be heard through a stethoscope, and the gauge reads the accurate blood pressure readings. 

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