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Christmas Gifts – How to Pack Them

When it comes to gifts (especially those Christmas one) we want them to be perfect. Our wish is to see this sparkle in the person’s we love eyes. That’s why we are trying as best as we can to give not only a special present but also the one that is beautifully packed and brings a recipient’s smile.

So how should we pack presents? It really depends on what kind of gift it is. Particularly, what kind of shape does it have. If it has irregular shapes it might be better to pack it into box at first and then pack the box into a paper. If you want to make a package almost beyond imagination you will need different types of materials.

If you are packing the gift in gift wrapping paper (whether it is in the box or not) and paper is only single coloured it’s nice to use colorful ribbons. All the ribbons should be mixed and should interlace. The package will look more live and bright when we do so. (If it’s a present for a grown up man it might be one ribbon with spots or stripes that will match the colour of the of paper.)

If we don’t want to look for a box for irregular present we might do it easier way – buy a bag for gifts. There is a wide selection of them on the market and most of them are really nice. They are good for big gifts with shapes that might be hard to pack even into a box. The only minus of this solution might be not as much impression as it is when we are making the package all ourselves.

Well, in fact not only minus. When we are packing the present in a gift bag that is available in all shops at the town the present becomes less original. If we don’t like to give something that is not unique enough and still pack a present into the bag we should probably find a brown paper bag and decorate it our selves in decorative stickers or just paint it. We can also use and old newspaper and tie it with contrasting ribbon. It is very simple, original and what’s important – made by ourselves.

Another way of packing the ‘product’ is to put it into basket. Things that look the best in a basket are usually kitchen accessories like plates, glasses but not only. You can put a piece of decorative material on the bottom of basket and than put the present on it. Cover all with the same material as on the bottom. Grip handle can be tied with red ribbon. After that the basket might be putted into clear cellophane….and we are done with packing.

There are also a few small suggestions that you can use while packing the present. For example put a lot of handkerchiefs on the bottom of bag and cover the present with them. When packing a lot of smaller presents and putting them all into bigger bag it is worth to pack each of them in a paper. When we are giving something really big like for example car or a bicycle we can make a picture of it and write on the other site when the person can find the original.

Merry Christmas and unique presents.



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