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Common iPhone Problems And Solutions

Many users realize the iPhone operating system is stable whereas many find it frustrating because of security issues and bugs. It does not matter if you are on the most recent iPhone running the newest version of iOS or on an older phone with aged software. There are often several reasons for iPhone issues from hardware/software associated with even some bug in iOS that just needs to be fixed.

So with this article, we are going to talk about some of the most common iPhone-related issues and how we can resolve them in a jiffy.

Most Common iPhone Issues

iPhone saying no sim

You have been using your iPhone with no issues, then all of a sudden you’re given a message that says “No SIM Card installed,” “Invalid SIM,” or “Insert SIM.”
Besides your iPhone alerting you with an error message, you will understand your iPhone has a problem with its SIM card if the carrier name and signal bars/dots at the top of the screen are missing, or are replaced by messages like No SIM or searching.

The most common resolution to the current situation is to restart your device and after reinserting the sim card. Users may also try to turn the airplane mode off and on.

Photos not importing from iPhone to mac

Transferring iPhone photos and videos to your mac will save precious space on your mobile device. sadly, the photo transfer method could typically fail to launch. Apple’s iPhoto allows you to organize your photos, still use them to make slideshow presentations, and print books. Once a number of your photos do not import, you’ll have to see a couple of potential causes like broken files or synchronize errors with the iCloud.

To fix this error, you can try updating your mac and your iPhone system to the most recent version.

Not getting text notifications iPhone

Several iPad and iPhone users have rumored that they’re experiencing SMS and iMessage notification issues when upgrading their devices to iOS 10. It looks like many users are suffering from this drawback. This is often terribly annoying as a result of iPhone users missing necessary messages.

Users can resolve this issue by hard resetting the device. Or check for any updates that may be pending. And hopefully, this issue can be resolved by that update.

iPhone Not Charging

Isn’t it very annoying if you plug your iPhone into the charger before sleeping and find out that it has not changed a bit in the morning? Because most of the people charge their phone overnight so that they can start their work early in the morning.

If you land in such a situation, here are some of the fixes you should try without bending with the cable. Such as trying another cable or charger brick may be the fault is with your charger, not your iPhone. You can also try cleaning the charging port with some alcohol to remove any kind of dirt coming in the way. Or simply restart your device as sometimes the solution is that simple.

Apple ID Verification Failed

When an iPhone user tries to log into iTunes or Apple Store but keeps getting a Verification Failed error prompt “There Was An Error Connecting To Apple ID Server” Or Apple ID Verification Failed? These kinds of errors are tricky to resolve. Users who face this kind of error can try verifying the date and time of the device. If that didn’t work try to use another source of the internet such as home or office wifi. The most effective way is to reset your network settings and then restart the device. This method works the best in this case.

iPhone unable to check for update

Apple keeps rolling updates for its devices so that there is no issue as such that can affect device performance or security. However, generally, errors occur that stop your iPhone or iPad from checking for updates. Here are a couple of ways to troubleshoot if your iPad or iPhone is unable to check for updates. This can happen due to low storage or no hardware compatibility with the specific device.

At first, you should try visiting the Apple website and check for an iOS version compatible with your device. If that is not the case with you check your internet connection or try switching networks if possible. Users can also reset network settings at the same time. And that can fix your issue with the iPhone update.

Personal hotspot not working on iPhone

Personal Hotspot lets phone users share their internet data with other phones. This is a very handy feature that may come helpful at times. But what if you find out that your iPhone’s personal hotspot is not working when you need it. Users can try various methods to get out of this kind of situation.

The first and the most predictable solution is to restart the device and also reset the network setting before restating may fix your issue of personal hotspot not working on iPhone. But if this method didn’t work for you can also try resetting your hotspot settings. And see if it works.

Safari is not working on your iPhone

Many iPhone users rely on Safari web browsers for browsing the web on their devices. As it’s one of the best web browsers out there for mobile devices. Because of its rendering speeds and most important syncing feature across all iOS devices, it is used by most Apple users.

But since it’s software it is prone to errors and crashes. One of the most common issues faced by Apple users is that Safari is not working on the iPhone and displaying a blank screen. There are various methods to fix this issue such as relaunching your Safari browser after a phone restart. This method can solve the issue but if it’s still their users can check for any pending iOS updates. And users can also try to update the safari app from the app store. This method may rectify your issues with the Safari web browser.

iPhone Alarm Volume Low or Loud

Sometimes there are cases of low or loud alarm volume in the iPhone. This problem can arise due to several reasons out of which most common is dust or blockage in the speaker grill of the phone. But sometimes it can be a software glitch. Users can also check in the Ringer setting whether the volume is adequate or not.

The most common solution is to clean your speakers with some isopropyl alcohol and check the ringer settings for volume levels. Also, try to change the alarm ringtone as in some cases the alarm tone has a low preset that can lead to low iPhone alarm volume. Other you can also try to restart the device if it works for you.

So these are some of the most common iPhone issues that everyday users face. These are not proper solutions to these errors you can try visiting our website for a more detailed issue solving guide on each error. Hope you find this article helpful.



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