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Components of Bangalore International School Fees

Here is a guide to the CBSE school fees structure of Bangalore International schools.

Parents work hard and make a lot of sacrifices to provide the best education to their children.  With the increasing demand for high-quality education and high inflation, the cost of education is also increasing, and therefore it is important to understand components of school fees, which can help to plan better and spend wisely. 

When we check the school fees structure, often we focus on tuition fees; however, you would be surprised to know that tuition fee is only 30-50% of the total school fee. So what is 50-70% of the other fees charged from parents?

In this article, we are trying to explain to you The Components of Bangalore International School Fees that will shed light on other major charges of school fees.

Tuition fee

As discussed above, the Tuition fee is only 30-50% of the total fees. It is the basic fee that schools levy for teaching your child; it may vary from school to school and increase as per the school level or grade of the students. It is levied monthly or once every 4 months. 

CBSE Schools in Bangalore provides a 25% discount on tuition fees for the newly enrolled student if his/her sibling is an existing student of the school. Make sure to enquire about this discount from the admission staff of the school so you can grab the opportunity.

Books, Stationery, and Uniform

Most schools have in-house facilities for providing students with all the requirements like books, stationery and uniform so you will have to pay 15-20% for the same. There is not much room to negotiate here and you will have to pay the required amount. 

Transportation costs

This expense is not for all, some might have to pay it if they stay far and prefer school transportation. It is incurred every month and with the rising fuel prices, the cost of commuting can add up significantly to actual fees. Transportation cost adds up to 12-18% to the total school fee; it is the third-largest contributor to education expenses.

Infrastructure fees

If your school comes under the first 20 years of their establishment then parents have to pay an infrastructure fee (which is the setup cost of a new school building, sports facilities, labs, auditorium etc.) This infrastructure fee which is 7-12% of the total fees is collected from parents to cover this cost. It is mostly charged for the new school setup.

Admission fee

The admission fee consists of 7-10% of the total fee. It is levied the first time during admission or to new students but some schools charge it every year during admission to the next grade.

Some CBSE Schools in Bangalore wave off 50% on admission fees to Internal transfer students 

Activity fees

International School conducts extracurricular activities to support the overall development of the child such as sports day, school trips, skills classes, etc. It is levied at the start of the academic year and constitute 5% of the annual fee

Tips for parents

In order to promote a higher literacy rate and the education of children, the Government of India provides tax benefits on the tuition fees paid by the individual for their children. So parents can make use of this to reduce their taxable income. 

Students can apply for various scholarships where the scholarship value covers full or half tuition fees which can be beneficial for parents to reduce their financial burden.


Are you looking for the best CBSE Schools in Bangalore with an affordable fee structure? You can check this Bangalore International School’s Fees structure for different grades and for both the campuses (Whitefield and Bannerghatta Campus) which is transparent and retains as the most affordable school fee structure in Bangalore. 



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