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Cool Events in Philadelphia to Enjoy the Upcoming Weekend

Planning to visit Philadelphia? Well, get ready to get some insights about the pace you will be visiting pretty soon. Exploring a place is double the fun when you are enlightened with its history, facts, must-visit places, and happening events that will bring the entertainment alive. If you must know, Philadelphia is a city known for various mixed cultures, vast history regarding the evolution of the USA, and different races. Talking about its evolution, from the central east coast location to gaining the status of being the sixth-largest city in the nation, Philadelphia has surely come a long way. Here are some facts and figures about the place that might surprise you:

  1. It’s the first world heritage city of the US.
  2. It’s the second-largest city situated on the east coast. 
  3. It has the 4th largest media market in the US.
  4. It is named as one of the top 19 knowledge capitals in the US and Europe. 

Amongst these amazing stats, there are a number of events in Philadelphia today that keep the locals and tourists busy all weekend. We assure you that this place has much more to offer than most people expect. Thus, we have created a list of events that you must attend in Philadelphia and places to visit.

Friday night arts and culture

As we enter the new month, it means a lot of things in Philadelphia: discovering some new arts on First Friday. This Friday, be at Cherry Street Pier, where an exhibition from Philly-based artist Ana Vizcarra Rankin will open up. “Bing Maps for a Small Planet” displays large-scale paintings, maps, and other arts to complement the steel, wood, and masonry of Cherry Street Pier.  A 15-minute steam facial facility anywhere on the pier, face serum DIY, and express chair massage is also available, as well as art projects and artist studio visits that are family-friendly.

Music concerts

One of the things to do in Philly tonight is listen to music. You can either stroll through the streets and listen to live music performed by local musicians. On the other side, you may go to a live performance and spend quality time with your loved ones. Do you want to discover who’s the best? You have the option of listening to music that is most appropriate for you. Philly has a superb musical taste, and if you want to soothe your ears, you can’t afford to miss out on this occasion. Look on the internet for places that are hosting or will be hosting music concerts and performances.

Comedy shows

Nobody minds a crazy comedy show when it assures you a good laugh. Well, there are a few live comedy shows lined up for this weekend in Philadelphia. Some promising comedians will burn the stage with their comedy that will surely make your weekend fun. If you want to attend live comedy shows in Philadelphia, book your tickets online prior to the event only at Eventsfy. 

These are some cool events that you must not miss if you are visiting Philadelphia this weekend. 



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