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Custom Rigid Boxes Protect Your Products

Are you looking for a box to use as packing for an item? A custom rigid box may be the solution. Custom Rigid Boxes are corrugated boards with sturdy embossed or smooth papers.

Manufacturing of Custom Rigid Boxes

Corrugated containers are made by interleaving sheets stacked flat with a low-twist angle between them. Product companies use them in packaging because they are lightweight yet very strong. 

The material is typically one or more thin layers of paperboard sandwiched between two thicker layers of fiberboard, kraft paper, etc. All their plies are running at right angles to each other. Custom rigid boxes were initially manufactured for industrial use. 

They are used for large quantities of goods that need to be stored in a warehouse before distribution. 

Custom rigid boxes have also become popular in smaller retail stores where companies ship small items. They have even started appearing in residential settings. After purchasing online shipments, purchasers want them to transport their bulkier items, such as books or seasonal decorations, etc.

Types Of Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes come in two main types: 

  1. Corrugated board
  2. Solid fiberboard

However, you can add stiffeners or inserts to improve rigidity, especially heavier contents.

Custom rigid boxes are very strong and designed to withstand rough handling during shipment. They are also waterproof. They come in many sizes and shapes. So, you can pick one that works perfectly for your needs. 

You can even get custom ones cut to fit the item you want them to hold if the standard sizes don’t work well for your packed items.

Custom rigid boxes serve as great protective packing materials. They keep items safe from bumps and scratches during shipping. They can also be used as shipping containers for your business or decorative storage boxes. They are available in various sizes and shapes to fit many items, including spherical ones such as balls and tubes.

Advantages of Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes come with many advantages, including:

  • Their availability in custom sizes designed for specific items 
  • The fact they are lighter than other materials, protecting the environment by reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution 
  • Custom rigid boxes’ low storage costs
  • Waterproofing properties that protect stored items from damage due to exposure to moisture or liquids 
  • Inclusion of custom inserts that provide further support around fragile areas inside the box

In addition, they can be made from recycled materials when you buy them from a green business.

Custom rigid boxes are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is easy to find one that will fit an item perfectly, even if the dimensions vary slightly. They come with handles for ease of carrying and opening. Moreover, they can easily be flattened after use to store flat without taking too much space until needed again.

Styles of Rigid Boxes Wholesale

This basic design create Rigid Boxes Wholesale in different sizes and shapes, for instance:

  • Flat pack shipping boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Storage boxes
  • Cereal boxes
  • CD cases
  • Etc.

The box contents are stacked or placed side by side in the same orientation as the logo’s position on the box. Thus if you want your logo to appear upright when viewing it through an opening (window) in your custom rigid box, you need to orientate it. So, it appears upright also when viewing it through an opening (window) in your custom rigid box.

As stated, there are many types of custom rigid boxes, but we will concentrate on the most common ones:

Open Bottom Box

An open bottom box has a base and sides like any custom rigid box. An opening is left in the bottom of the base, and there is no lid for this type of custom rigid box. This custom rigid box requires no assembly. 

They are suitable for items placed directly inside or dropped into it via the opening at the base. If you want to place something inside the custom rigid box to stand upright, consider that the contents will fall into the bottom of the box because there is no lid. 

You may resolve this problem by having your items standing on end (standing up). If they are not standing on end, consider orientating them to your logo. So that it appears upright when viewed through an opening in your custom rigid box.

A possible solution for placing items inside these boxes to remain upright is using foam inserts. These can also provide extra protection for your items. However, most open bottom boxes are used to ship, display & store items that are not very fragile. 

If your items are very valuable or vulnerable to damage during transport, then you should consider using a different type of custom rigid box.

Open bottom boxes are the least expensive of the custom rigid boxes. They also have the advantage of being produced in large quantities with no minimum order quantity. It makes them ideal for projects where you need lots of similar boxes at low cost, e.g., 

  • Promotional t-shirts
  • Food products
  • Etc.

Close-End Box

A closed end box is exactly like an open bottom box. Yet, it has a lid so items cannot fall out when turned upside down. This box can be logo-oriented. So, it appears upright when viewed through an opening in the custom rigid box.

Closed end boxes are not usually used to ship, display, or store very fragile items. You cannot turn them over without losing the contents. However, most open bottom boxes are used to ship, display & store items that are not very fragile. 

They are more suited for shipping, storing & displaying items that are less vulnerable to damage during transport. They protect their contents from dust, dirt, and moisture better than open bottom boxes.

If you print your logo on closed-end Custom Printed Rigid Boxes, consider orientating it. So that it appears upright when viewing it through an opening in the base of your custom rigid box. Thus, turning it upside down during transport or storage would not result in a logo that appears upside down.




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