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Different Document Translation Services Offered by a Top-rated Agency

Canada is a country where two official languages are English and French. It means if you have any supporting document in any language other than these two, you have to get it translated. Several agencies offer top-rated document translation services, including both technical and general translations. This article presents a more detailed discussion of these services.

When Do You Require Translation for Your Documents?

You may come from a country where neither English nor French is the official language. In that case, it will be common for you to have documents, not in these two languages. For official purposes in Canada, you have to provide a certified copy of the original document in French or English or a translated copy of that document.

Translation conditions are as follows.

  • A certified translator must translate. If not, you must provide an affidavit along with the translated document.
  • The translated paperwork must be included in your application.

Sometimes applications are completed in French while the document language is English and vice-versa. In these cases, you will not need to go for translations.

The translator must stamp both the original and translated copies.


What Services Are Offered by a Professional Translation Agency?

Check the website of any professional translation agency in Canada. You will find each offering a wide range of certified document translation services, including technical and general translations, writing, revision, editing, and proofreading. While mostly translating English documents to French and vice-versa, experts working here can also translate other languages. Documents translated here include manuals, corporate plans, letters, websites, brochures, company profiles, and pamphlets.

Some of their top services are as follows.

Technical Translation

Technical translators provide translation services associated with civil engineering and construction. Using their experiences and skills, they can translate drawings, specifications, proposals, and documents related to legal compliance and marketing.

Translation of Construction and AutoCAD Documents

These translation agencies also recruit a team of translators capable of translating construction drawings and specifications available in AutoCAD format. If you want accurate translations of the original construction drawings and specifications, it will be necessary to contact a certified translation service provider in Canada.

General Translation

General translation involves translating various types of general documents such as corporate plans, letters, job postings, agreements, meeting minutes, forms, proposals, etc. These services are provided for different types of industries and clients.

Government Services

Many of these reputed translation service providers have served their clients over several decades. That is why they are fully aware of different government terms, expressions, and abbreviations, which they update regularly.


What’s More?

In addition to document translation services, if you have any queries regarding secret security clearance details on their translators, support staff and the facilities they offer, you may contact them at any time. Their customer service will always be for help

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