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Different Types of Wall Clocks Based On Designs

A Tad of Past

Human evolution is all about time. From the early centuries, people relied on sundials for insight. The shadow clocks and solar power were permitted to measure the number of hours. The basic unit of time was the period of daylight. Although many thought of introducing wall clocks, credit goes to Peter Henlein. He invented the modern clock in the 14th century. Also, his invention paved the way for modern wall clocks. Eventually, another significant discovery was of harmonic oscillators in the seventeenth century. Over time, numberless advancements happened. Every clock, though showcasing similar time, looks different. Let’s check out some of the celebrated wooden wall clocks present-day:

Pendulum Wall Clocks-

The charm of pendulum clocks is intact for years. The swing moves back and forth to produce energy. It was the world’s most precise timekeeper when invented. The invention of the pendulum gained momentum immediately after its discovery. In the late 18th and 19th centuries, they were used in homes, factories, and offices. Although today’s pendulum clocks do not work similarly, their role remained intact. Modern pendulum cocks are available in varied designs, shapes, and sizes. You would find traditional, contemporary, and quirky designs all in the same place.    

  • Alarm Wall Clocks-As prominent as wooden wall clocks, alarm clocks are relatively small. Their invention made a bang in people’s life. They are usually required to get up from the bed. A buzzing sound comes out at the set schedule. Also, they are embellished on the bedside for convenience. Unlike the past, alarm clocks today come with multiple features. Snooze, radio and FM are certain features to look for before buying. Regrettably, the onset of mobile phones has made their usage limited. However, they are still found on the desks of punctual inhabitants.  

Cuckoo Wall Clocks-

Similar to a pendulum wall clock, the cuckoo wall clocks look dazzling. While making a sound like a common cuckoo, they look alluring. The automated cuckoo bird on the clock moves with each note. Originally from Germany, they are made by six celebrated manufacturers. While presenting antique vibes, they ring after every hour. Also, the authenticity of these clocks can be checked by the VDS sticker inside. Unlike past, these wall clocks are now available at affordable prices. An average cuckoo clock costs $150 to $3000. So if you love to embellish your space with traditional vibes, consider buying it.

Circular Wall Clocks- 

The majority of the clocks found today are circular. Also, the shape of the original wall clocks was circular. Taking inspiration from sundials, sharp edges, and celestial bodies being round, the idea of round clocks developed. Also, the circular design is linear and is in line with the motion of the hands. Regardless of multiple designs taking rounds, these clocks never lose their charm.


Mantle clocks are usually smaller in size. Used to set reminders, they are more prevalent in offices. Some of them even have other accessories attached. You would often find a tabletop clock with a pen stand. Also, there are varied designs available in this category. However, most of these clocks come in traditional styles and designs. Usually made of metal, they look stunning. Their designs effortlessly blend into your interiors.

Oversized Wall Clocks-

 While in the past, wall clocks have limited usage. At the moment, they have become an integral part of interior décor. Some conventional wall clocks used to come in ordinary sizes. However, with the development, oversized clocks became popular. They do not just tell time but look stunning too. Their large size grabs attention at first sight. In addition, their size covers the bare walls effortlessly. Perfect for the living room, they display a love for decor inquisitiveness. The Décor Republic has a unique collection of oversized clocks that look elegant. Their quality, designs, and shapes are certainly unparalleled.

  1. Outdoor Clocks- With the increasing love for gardens, outdoor clocks developed. These are used for areas where moisture is inevitable. Unlike past, they confer an aesthetic appeal. From subtle to modern, the outdoor clocks underwent a drastic change. They look traditional yet elegant. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, some of them are waterproof. You can also find outdoor clocks that tell the temperature. The multiple features like anti-fog, baking process technique make them worth buying.


Wall clocks are undoubtedly the best investment. Not just they are time-telling devices; they have numerous cosmetic benefits too. By selecting certain unique wall clocks, you can create a definition. The assorted designs on the Décor Republic are must to have in every home.

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