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Different Uses and Advantages of Plant-Based Vitamins

A fifth-grader is aware of what vitamins and minerals do for our body, right? So, naturally, you all know the importance of essential nutrients in human life. They are required for the proper functioning of the body and mind, and with their deficiency, we land up in the pool of diseases. Yes, the lack of vitamins and minerals can cause big concerns. 

Even though we know the importance of nutrients, sometimes we still fail to satisfy the body with the required amount. Well, the type of food available nowadays, it merely contains essential nutrients. So, even the doctor recommends adding supplements to your everyday life. Okay, the term supplements may have a bad reputation. one would question why a healthy man depends on supplements, right? Well, wait till we explain to you about the plant based vitamins. 

What are vegan or plant-based vitamins?

When you are in search of extra nutrients that you can easily add to your daily regime, you have two choices. 

  • Synthetic supplements: synthetic vitamin supplements refer to the nutrients produced using man-made methods in industries. These are a chemical replica of the nutrients found in whole foods. Most of the supplements present today in drug stores are synthetic ones, and half the population is dependent on these pills. 
  • Plant based vitamins: The next type of supplement that is slowly growing in popularity is plant based supplements. Simply put, plant-based supplements are the ones derived from plants and their extracts. 

Uses of plant-based vitamins

Even though the fruits and vegetables are enriched with micro and macronutrients, sometimes that’s not enough for our body. It still requires addon vitamins to fulfill the daily required quantity of nutrients. So, the prime use of supplements is to nourish the body with important natural nutrients. 

Benefits of plant-based vitamins

They are vegan

Plants are all-natural, originating straight from the earth, and are fantastic for your health! Many people prefer plant-based vitamins because they are almost always vegan. Many supplement businesses utilize animal byproducts or gelatin capsules to keep nutrients in, while plant-based vitamins use only natural components, making them not only a terrific addition to your diet but also healthier for the environment!

Better bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the absorption of nutrients in the body. Your body is already trained to absorb the natural vitamins and minerals found in food. The plant based supplements have the same nutrients, just in the medical form. So, there is nothing new here for the body, and it will absorb the plant based supplements easily. 

They are natural

The most important thing to be noted here is that plant based supplements are purely natural. Each ingredient or mineral that goes in these supplements is derived from naturally existing sources. The lab-created supplements generally smell weird due to the presence of synthetic fillers, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and dyes. The smell may make it hard for you to consume it. But that’s not the case with the best organic multivitamins. Also, the word natural is enough to make you feel safer.

Lower side effects

The natural plant based supplements are made only with naturally existing herbs and plants, so this automatically means that these are less toxic as compared to the synthetic ones. Honesty, both natural and synthetic supplements have a certain toxicity level if consumed in excess. However, the advantage of plant based supplements is that they have a much lower risk. Some promising brands stick to only plant-based supplements if you want a vegan option with lower toxicity. 

These are the advantages of plant based vitamins. 



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