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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Vs. Manual: Which One Is Best For You

Fluctuating blood pressure has become a common problem amongst adults. Due to a stressful lifestyle, people often suffer from hypertension. In this case, doctors usually recommend checking blood pressure frequently. You can either visit a health center for the same or purchase a BP monitor. There are two types of BP monitors available: the best Digital blood pressure monitor and manual. Read about them to know which one is the best. 

Types of digital blood pressure monitors

Read about the two types of blood pressure monitors you can choose from: 


First is the mercury blood pressure monitor that consists of an arm cuff, a rubber squeeze bulb, and a column where mercury moves to show the reading of the blood pressure. One needs a stethoscope to observe the blood running in the artery. The blood pressure reading is reflected on the mercury bar as the doctor starts squeezing the bulb. The mercury moves up when the pressure in the arm cuff rises or falls. Mercury blood pressure monitors were the best monitors available until recently. However, as mercury increases environmental hazards with mercury, mercury blood pressure monitors are slowly replaced with automated or aneroid ones.

Electronic blood pressure machine 

Then comes the electronic or the portable blood pressure monitor that is the most popular choice these days. It has made the task of keeping track of blood pressure at home much easier. It consists of two parts, an arm cuff, and the monitor. It’s a one-press blood pressure monitor; you just need to wrap the cuff around your arm and press start. The machine will start operating, and the cuff will get filled with air. It will release the air itself and show you an accurate reading at the end. 

Ease to use

The mercury blood pressure requires a little effort to get the reading. There are several things to do at the same time, so if you are a beginner, you may even need assistance to operate. If you don’t do it correctly, you can get the wrong reading. Also, you need a stethoscope IN addition to the BP machine. On the other hand, a digital blood pressure monitor is mostly automatic, just a single button operation. So a patient has to do nothing except press the start button. So, it is much more convenient to use, even for a beginner. 

Since you are looking for at-home use, a Digital blood pressure monitor is ideal for you as it is easy to use and shows accurate reading. 



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