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Document Shredding: Some Interesting Facts to Ponder

Document destruction is indeed an essential aspect of every company’s document management system. Because you need to destroy the documents containing sensitive information about your business. Of course, you would never want that information to fall into wrong hands, right? Otherwise, the consequences would turn out to be hazardous for the reputation of your company. 

Therefore, a lot many companies are turning towards availing services from a document destruction company. Now, let’s find out some of the interesting facts about document destruction that you never knew.

Did you know who invented the first document destruction device?

Even if you have used the services of document destruction before, have you ever thought about the person behind the invention of the machine? Let’s break the ice! It was Abbot Augustus Low who actually patented the prototype of the first-ever document destruction device in 1909. He was an inventor from Brooklyn, New York who named the device as “waste paper receptacle”.

However, the inventor died three years later, before he could manufacture the first fully functional document shredding the machine. 

Did you know any relevant and big-time example of document shredding?

Former US president, Richard Nixon was forced to resign due to the Watergate Scandal in 1974. Facts and figures say that he shredded a huge number of incriminating documents to cover up the scandal.

Besides, several “burn sessions” happened in the fireplaces of different rooms in order to destroy troublesome documents on his last day in office. In addition, his office was seen overflowing with plastic bags full of shredded documents.

It is definitely a big example of confidential document destruction.

Did you know the Iranian revolutionaries seized the US classified documents in Tehran?

Yes, Iranian revolutionaries annexed American embassy in 1979 in Tehran and held huge numbers of confidential US government documents. In fact, many of these documents that contained sensitive and intelligent information were shredded beforehand but were pieced back together easily.

It revealed so many vital information which was then published. After this incident, government operations and business worldwide started using cross-cut shredders to prevent loss of information.

Word of Wisdom…

The trash is considered as public property. Once you dispose of the trash out of your facility, anyone can get their hands on it with a good or bad intention and you can do nothing about it. Therefore, consider shredding any piece of paper with sensitive information by taking help from a professional document shredding company before tossing them out. 

Thus, the next time you take services from a document destruction company, you probably would have a different perspective of document shredding. You would realize how important the process is. So, call them for help if you need immediate document shredding!

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