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Electric overhead travelling crane

Cranes are necessary for industries and working landscapes. They are maximum normally used in the car, production, and shipbuilding industries. They are used to boost and deal with heavy objects and substances that are not possible manually electric overhead travelling crane. They make the work less complicated and complements productiveness. There are extraordinary varieties of cranes used for various purposes. The industries use them as according to their necessities. Each type of crane is crafted with unique features to meet the requirements of the customers. Here, we will speak one of the maximum common and famous types of cranes, the EOT crane also called Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes.

What is EOT crane?

EOT crane stands for electric overhead travelling crane. This is the maximum normally used crane for lifting and moving heavy hundreds. These cranes are electrically powered and operated via a manipulate pendant, radio/IR far off pendant, or an operator cabin attached with the crane itself. These cranes have the capability to boost each heavy and light weights electric overhead crane . It is also known as bridge cranes as it includes a parallel runway related with a travelling bridge. The hoist is hooked up at the journeying bridge. It has 3 functional actions- Crane Hook Up and Down Lifting, Trolley Lateral Movement, and Crane Long Traveling Longitudinal Motion.

Features of EOT cranes

EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) cranes are one of a kind from other styles of overhead cranes because of their particular features-

  1. It has a heavy-duty solid steel rope manual.
  2. It has a sturdy creation.
  3. It is simple to perform with low renovation.
  4. It also consists of an higher and decrease hook journey restriction switch.
  5. It is also corrosion-resistant.

Types of EOT cranes

There are in particular  styles of EOT cranes- unmarried girder EOT and double girder EOT.

  1. Single girder EOT crane

The single girder EOT crane has a single girder with a trolley and hoist that runs alongside the axis. It has one major girder between the parallel runway and does not require the rail element for shifting on the runway. It includes established cars and vertical gearboxes. It may be without difficulty operated through a push-button pendant station or radio far off manage. These Electric Overhead Traveling cranes use a snap movement restriction switch that helps the hoist’s motion in an upward and downward path. It is made from four-wheel association in long travel quit carriage. Such cranes are generally used in dealing with traditional to medium gadgets and substances. The single girder EOT cranes are lighter than the double girder EOT cranes and are specifically used for brief work intervals.

Features of unmarried girder EOT cranes

The single girder EOT cranes have the following capabilities-

  • It is able to lifting 20 tons of hundreds.
  • It is extra suitable for lifting light objects.
  • It has a compact creation, which minimizes the building load.
  • It consists of handiest one essential bridge.
  • It reduces the whole crane price comparatively on additives, building, and runway structure.

Conditions beneath which the single girder EOT cranes are used

The single girder EOT cranes can be used if the subsequent conditions are met.

  • The lifting capacity must be between 15-50 ft.
  • It need to have a long transferring pace of 200fpm.
  • It ought to have a hoisting velocity of 10-60 fpm.
  • It need to have a crossing velocity of a hundred fpm.

2. Double girder EOT crane

The double girder crane has two girders with  trolleys and hoists that run along the axis of the beam. These cranes have a platform on each sides. It has a crab mechanism that runs alongside each the girders. These are used typically for preservation purposes.  It can be operated through the push-button pendant, radio faraway manipulate, and working cabin mode, unlike the unmarried girder, which cannot be operated by using the cabin. In this type of EOT crane, there are two types of restrict switches. One is the rotary restrict switch used to calculate the hook travelling and controls the upward and downward actions. It additionally has an extra switch referred to as the gravity restrict switch, that’s used for securing the restriction transfer working. The double girder EOT crane has an 8-wheel association that is simple to hold.

Features of double girder EOT cranes

The salient capabilities of double girder EOT cranes are-

  • It has a lifting capacity of as much as 250 lots.
  • It is value-powerful as compared to a unmarried girder EOT crane.
  • It is greater robust and sturdy because it has girders.
  • It comes with alloy metal, hardened, precision-reduce gears.
  • It can be applied at any ability, even though a excessive hook carry is needed.

 EOT cranes single girder  can be used if the following conditions are met.

  • The lifting potential have to be between 15-50 toes.
  • It need to have an extended shifting pace of 350fpm.
  • It need to have a hoisting pace of 60 fpm.

• It have to have a crossing pace of a hundred and fifty fpm.



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