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Essential Tips to Protect Your Brain Health

Everybody’s memory goes on the fritz now and again. (Where did I put those keys?) Many lapses will be blamed on normal, fleeting problems like inattention or a very busy day.

More concerning, though, are certain ongoing sorts of memory problems, which is why it’s worth doing everything in your power to reduce their odds of happening.

“Memory is simply a small part of brain functioning, and there’s plenty you’ll do to guard your brain health.

Five top suggestions for brain health:

Weave heart-pumping exercise into your daily routine

“A surprising amount of evidence points to the present because the No. 1 thing you’ll be able to do to enhance brain health,” Gordon says. In addition to lowering your risk of hypertension and diabetes, improving mood and sleep, and helping with weight control, cardiopulmonary exercise may activate certain beneficial genes within the brain. Benefits accrue regardless of what age you begin, he says.

Take care of any medical problems

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and hypertension are all known to wreck brain health. the nice news: you’ll be able to reduce your risk of every of those health conditions—or potentially control them better.

Get enough sleep, and acquire help for existing sleep problems

There’s increasing evidence that sleep disorders can cause problems with mental functions—including memory. Two of the foremost common sleep zappers: obstructive sleep disorder and stress.

Review the medications you’re taking along with your doctor.

Some drugs, like sedatives for anxiety, can affect thinking, says Gordon.

Stay socially engaged

Challenging your brain by learning new things has many benefits. Even better is pursuing interests that connect you with others. “It’s probably better for brain health to have a conversation over lunch with a follower than to memorize numbers in reverse, for example,” Gordon says.

Learn a replacement skill

Learning a brand new skill isn’t only fun and interesting, but it should also help strengthen the connections in your brain.

Research from the 2014 Trusted Source also shows that learning a brand new skill can help improve memory function in older adults.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to be told the way to do? Perhaps you’d wish to know the way to repair your car, use a selected software program, or ride a horse? You now have yet another good reason to be told that new skill.


Daily meditation can calm your body, slow your breathing, and reduce stress and anxiety.

But did you recognize that it’s going to also help fine-tune your memory and increase your brain’s ability to process information from a trusted Source?

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and spend five minutes meditating every day.

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