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Five Things to Know When Negotiating Business Deals in India

Negotiating a deal is tricky. You should know when to play your cards and when to step
back. If you think the negotiation is going your way, you can go all out and pitch like a
leader. However, if you realize your business talks are going nowhere, it’s better to take
time to evaluate options. 
When closing a business deal, you need to watch your moves. Also, it’s wise to study the
other party; so you don’t end up on the wrong path. Check their business credit report to
know if it’s worth your time. 
If you’re trying to close a business deal in India, the below steps can help you negotiate

Go prepared

Indian clients like to assess your business from top to bottom before negotiating a deal.
They may assess your knowledge, how confident you look in your approach, and if you have
done your homework. You may irk them if you go unprepared. The client may not take you
seriously. So, it’s better to organize everything and prepare yourself for unexpected doubts
and questions. 

Dress to impress

If it’s an Indian client, it may notice your appearance. So, you can ready your business suit
and go all dressed to impress the client. It will reflect your enthusiasm to talk business with
them. Dressing well makes you feel confident. 

Listen to the other party

Dressing your best is not the only thing that makes you win the client. Be a good listener
too. Give the other party time to put forth their points and concerns. Don’t become anxious
or enthusiastic to intervene as it may not go down well with the client. Try to listen
carefully. When you show them that you care, you may find the negotiation going your

Know what’s in it for me

If you find yourself confused in the middle of the conversation, you can take a step back and
assess the situation. Is it worth going forward? What’s in it for me? Is it going to be a
successful partnership in the future? Answer these questions to know if the deal is worth
your time and money. 

Do not hurry

If you have set a deadline for the deal to close, you may need to rethink. Never hurry while
closing business deals. You don’t know what’s ahead. Check your client’s business credit
score to assess its worth. 

Do not hurry. Set a deadline but evaluate your options. You may find a more beneficial deal
than the current one. It’s always about earning profits and giving value to the client. 
All this was about negotiating a business deal. It’s relevant to know where your business
stands in terms of finances and if you will be able to serve the client in your capacity. You
can make out this by checking your commercial credit score and report. It can tell you about
your debts, your cash flow, and how you are managing your finances.
You should also learn about business credit management if you work with your clients on a
credit basis. It can help you safeguard your business against suspected fraud.

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