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Get Familiar With the Top Natural Ways to Deal With a Hangover

There can be various side effects of drinking alcohol, especially if you end up drinking too much. One of the most common side effects of drinking too much alcohol is a hangover. You must have experienced at least once in your life you drink alcohol. This side effect is usually accompanied by fatigue, headache, dizziness, thirst, nausea, and increased sensitivity to sound or light. Thankfully, there are various ways in which you can deal with a hangover and other side effects of drinking alcohol.

A 2017 study published in the journal Human Psychopharmacology showed that there could be some common symptoms of a hangover. If you are looking for an answer to how to cure a hangover, you are in the right place. In this article, you are going to learn about the best ways to cure a hangover. But first, let’s understand why we experience a hangover after consuming alcohol.

Why do we get a hangover?

When a person drinks alcohol, within a few minutes, alcohol enters the bloodstream before getting absorbed by the digestive tract. It is processed by the liver, and the body starts working to eliminate acetaldehyde (a byproduct of alcohol processing in the digestive tract). But the main reason for a hangover from alcohol is the impurities in alcohol. That is why you experience less hangover when you drink more pure alcohol. 

So, let’s now look at the best ways to deal with a hangover.

#1. Hydrate yourself

Drinking alcohol can dehydrate you in a number of ways. First, alcohol causes diuretic effects, which can increase the production of urine. That leads to the loss of fluids and electrolytes in the body. These fluids and electrolytes are required by the body for normal functioning. This is also a major cause of dehydration, which can lead to a hangover and other symptoms, such as fatigue, dizziness, and headache. 

Drinking more water can help in alleviating certain symptoms associated with a hangover. You can even prevent a hangover by drinking more water while drinking alcohol. 

#2. Take ginger to ease nausea

Studies show that trying ginger is one of the best natural ways to soothe an upset stomach. Nausea is a common symptom associated with a hangover. Ginger is known to aid digestion that can help in easing an upset stomach. Alcohol can irritate the lining of the stomach, which can lead to nausea associated with a hangover.

According to a 2019 meta-analysis published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, ginger can help cancer patients (undergoing chemotherapy) in reducing vomiting by 60 percent. The chemical compounds found in ginger can also help in reducing fatigue by 80 percent in patients.

You can also combine ginger with brown sugar and tangerine extract to get relief from some other symptoms of the hangover, like vomiting and diarrhea.

#3. Eat nutrition-rich breakfast

One of the best ways to get relief from a hangover is to eat a hearty breakfast. Eating a good breakfast can help in maintaining your blood sugar levels, and hence helping you get relief from a hangover. It can help you maintain the balance of the chemicals in your body that drinking may have disturbed.

Final words

Here you go; these were some of the best natural ways to get rid of a hangover and its symptoms. If you are wondering what medicine to take for a hangover, you can find some of the best medicines for a hangover online that can give your body the nutrients and vitamins to fight off alcohol-induced toxins.



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