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Gyan Yoga – the path of knowledge

Knowledge means introduction. Gyan Yoga is the path where reality is discovered through insight, practice and acquaintance, the four principles of Gyan Yoga are:

distinguish between merit and demerit

renunciation, self-sacrifice, renunciation

Six Funds, Assets

Mumukshtva – continuous effort to attain God

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Distinguish between merit and demerit

Vivek is the true form of knowledge, it can also be called the highest assembly of our consciousness. Our consciousness tells us what is right and what is wrong. Most of the time we know very well what we should do, yet our egoistic desires manifest more strongly and suppress the inner voice of our conscience.


Renunciation, self-sacrifice, renunciation

Vairagya means to free oneself from within by giving up any desire for worldly pleasures or possessions. The Gyan Yogi has realized that all worldly pleasures are unreal and therefore worthless. The Gyan Yogi seeks the unchanging, eternal, supreme, God. All the objects of this earthly rule are changeable and therefore a form of unreality. Reality is the soul, the divine soul, which is imperishable, eternal and unchangeable. The soul is comparable to the sky. The sky is always the sky – no one can burn or cut it. If we build walls, we create solitary “individual” parts. However, the sky does not change itself because of this, and the day the walls are removed, only the undivided, infinite sky remains.


Six Funds, Assets

Six principles are included in this theory of Jnana Yoga:

Shama – control of the senses and the mind.

Control over the senses and the mind. restraining oneself from prohibitive actions – such as stealing, lying, and negative thoughts.

To rise above the above things.

Titiksha – To be persistent, to be disciplined. Be patient in all difficulties and overcome them.

Faith – Have faith and trust in the holy scriptures and the words of the Guru.

Solution – Determining and having a purpose, no matter what happens, our expectations should be set towards that goal. There should be no one to separate us from this goal.


Mumukshutva – continuous effort to attain God

Mumukshtva is the feeling of God in the heart and the burning desire to merge with God. The supreme and eternal knowledge is Self-knowledge, the realization of one’s true Self-Soul. Self-realization is the experience that we are not separate from God, but that God and life are one and the same. When a person realizes this, then the doors of the intellect are opened and he becomes the supreme being. All-encompassing love fills our hearts. It also becomes clear that whatever hurts other people ultimately harms us too, so in the end we understand and obey the eternal spirit of non-violence. In this way the path of Gyan Yoga is joined by the principles of Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga.

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