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Healthy Hips: The Key to Pain-Free Movement

Do you have problems with your hip mobility? If you don’t have proper hip movement, then you can suffer from injury in the future. Do you know that poor hip mobility leads to knee pain, back pain, and other problems in old age? So, what exercises you should include in your online workout classes in India? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Here, we will talk about the exercises to improve the pain-free movement of the hips. Let’s read below. 

The first thing that you need to understand is that hips are one of the crucial body parts. It is basically the center of major body movements. Thus, if your hips are healthy, then you automatically gain power and strength.  These are some exercises that you can include in your fitness training classes India

Kneeling Lunge

You may need some time to understand the right position. However, this exercise can have a significant effect to reduce your hip pain and improve movement. To do this, you need to do a lunge position. Then your foot hip should be away from your elevated leg. Also, keep your chest straight and stretch the back leg upwards. 

Butterfly Stretch 

This is one of the useful exercises that provide mobility to the groin muscles. You just need to sit in an upright position and bring your feet together. Then you have to move the knees down. If you want you can also use your hand and press the knees to the groin. Then, you have to bring the heels closer to the groin. It is best to opt for our best online fitness classes India at 6262 fitness to guide you throughout the exercises. 

Frog Stretch 

Thirdly, the next exercise essential for pain-free hip movement is the frog stretch. You must be careful to not force yourself in any way. It is best to go slow. In this process, you have to squeeze your knees together when you move backward. Then, you have to relax when you move forward. Therefore, it will provide great strength to your hip muscles and relax them equally. 

Travelling Butterfly

The next exercise is travelling butterfly which includes long sitting and then coming into the position. This helps to improve the circulation and movement of the hips. For this, after stretching your legs outwards, you have to squeeze the legs inside like the frog stretch. But, you need to use your arms at the back and move forward. Thus, you have to move forward in the butterfly and long sitting position. 

Pigeon Stretch 

Additionally, this is one of the basic stretches that you can do in your workout classes. In this exercise, you need to sit and keep your left leg in front and fold them sideways. Then, stretch your right leg backward. After that, you need to do this vice versa and repeat it a couple of times. Hence, this is is not only beneficial for hip mobility but also improves spine and hamstring flexibility. 

Hip Rotations 

To do the exercise of hip rotation, you have to lie on the back and bend your knees. After that, put your ankle of your right leg on the left one. Then, you have to stretch and rotate the hips inwards and then outwards. Then, you have to do this with the other leg and repeat it a few times. Therefore, this is a great way to begin your hip movement exercise. 

Split Squat Frontal Plain

This is one of the easiest positions that you can include in your exercise regime. You just need to stand and then bend down and move your right leg in the front. Meanwhile, your left leg should bend down and backward. Then, you have to repeat with the other leg. Initially, begin with 10 sets of 3 reps and then increase them later. 

In conclusion, these are some effective exercises that can help you keep your hips healthy and strong. If you want, you can do them daily, but remember it is best to have frequent and short reps. Because overdoing can be really harmful. To get effective results, our trainers at 6262 Fitness can help you with the right guidance. Therefore, you can join the best gym in Bandra West and improve your fitness. 



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