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Hookah Shisha Tobacco: A Beginner’s Guide

Many individuals, including those who have smoked hookah or shisha for a long time, have a widespread misperception. This confusion is caused by a misinterpretation of the two phrases hookah and shisha. These two words essentially mean the same thing. The term “hookah” refers to a water pipe. Shisha literally translates to “glass.”

Combining the two definitions, we get smoking equipment that consists of a glass fixture, which is the hookah base that holds the water, and a pipe, also known as the stem or shaft. Shisha and hookah are not synonymous with tobacco. Tobacco is the only term that can be used to describe the flavours smoked in a hookah or shisha. To put it another way, you’re smoking hookah or shisha tobacco. The hookah, often known as shisha, is a smoking device.

What is Shisha Tobacco or Hookah Tobacco?

Simply put, hookah or shisha tobacco is made up of the leaves of certain Nicotiana plants and various extracts. In the Solanaceae family, the genus Nicotiana has a wide range of tobacco plants. Tobacco leaves, and in some cases, shrubs, are utilised in a variety of smoking products, ranging from cigarettes and cigars to nicotine sources in e-liquids, concentrates, and other products. The leaves are also utilised in the production of shisha tobacco.

To comprehend the major source of your hookah or shisha flavours, you should know a few facts about tobacco plants. Tobacco plants come in over seventy different species. The majority of them aren’t commonly produced, cultivated, or used. Only a handful of these species are farmed, and there are several variations, which are mostly determined by climate, growth circumstances, and leaf quality. When it comes to hookah or shisha tobacco, there are two sorts of leaves to be aware of.

Tobaccos with dark and light leaves

Whether we’re talking about Virginia or Burley tobacco, most leaves can be washed, processed, and cured in a variety of ways. The leaves of Virginia tobacco are lighter than those of Burley tobacco. Both, however, might be treated in different ways. The nomenclature distinguishes between black leaf and blonde leaf tobaccos, but there’s more to them than that.

Unwashed dark leaf Tobacco leaves of a blond colour are washed. Because of their compositions and also because of the latter’s washing, dark leaf tobacco has more nicotine than blonde leaf tobacco. Tobaccos with dark and blonde leaves are both cured. Molasses, honey, glycerin, a mixture of agents, or a manufacturer’s proprietary formula are commonly used in the curing process. Tobacco leaves are only infused with delicious extracts after they have been cured and processed. To achieve a specified level of wetness and juiciness in the final product, an additional infusion of honey, molasses, or glycerin could be used.

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Hookah or Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Tobaccos, both dark leaf and blonde leaf, are cured to varying degrees before being infused or combined with flavorful extracts. Fruits, herbs, bushes, flowers, spices, and other natural or partially manufactured materials could be used to make these extracts. Depending on the manufacturer’s chosen recipe, a flavour can contain one or more extracts.

Tobacco leaves are used as the base for hookah or shisha flavours. Honey, glycerin, molasses, and other curing agents are employed in the processing of tobacco leaves extracts, as well as to provide moisture, sweetness, juiciness, and texture. Finally, the delicious extract, or multiple extracts in many situations, is what distinguishes the product.

Hookah or Shisha Tobacco Types

Dark leaf, blonde leaf, and herbal molasses tobacco flavours are the three types of shisha flavours. There is no nicotine in the latter because it does not contain any tobacco leaves. Dark leaf tobacco is more powerful than blonde leaf tobacco, with a richer texture, more nicotine, and a bolder flavour. The flavour of hookah molasses or shisha tobacco is used to further classify it. 

There are many subcategories in this.

Hundreds of hookah molasses or shisha tobacco tastes can be found in a single glance at a prominent store’s inventory. There are practically all types of herbal molasses tastes available, from apple to watermelon, blueberry to vanilla, chai to kiwi, lavender to mango.

Instead of tobacco, herbal shisha tastes employ tea leaves or fibres from various plants as the foundation material. Herbal hookah or shisha flavours, like tobacco flavours, can come in a range of flavours.



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