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How do I Set up the Canon PIXMA Printer?

Canon printers are one of the best printers available in market. It is one of the oldest brand and great for office use or for a hone setup. They have variety of models depending upon your requirements. They come with a wide range of settings options and features for smooth working and printing the document or material directly from your computer or mobile phones. In an office setup or any organization, where there is a use of multiple devices. Connecting wires and cables to different devices whenever you want to use them becomes a hassle. Wireless connections make your devices and hence your work a lot more organized.Wireless printing is s very convenient way to get your job done. Let’s have a look at the steps for Canon pixma MX492 setup on Windows. The basic functioning of the printer remains the same. There is a slight difference as they where the buttons and other options are depending upon your model number. In order to do Canon MG2522 setup it is important that your printer and computer are connected to same Wi-Fi network. It goes for any model or device you are using. This way, you just need to directly choose the document and click on printer icon on your computer.

How to setup Canon pixma printer?

Turn on your computer.

There must be a Wi-Fi button on your printer. Press and hold it for few seconds.

Once you see the amber lights flashing, press the WPS button on your router.

Wait until the light is steady. This would confirm the successful connection to the Wi-Fi network.

There must be a CD in the package when you purchased the printer. Load the CD in to your computer.

There might be chance that you did not receive the CD or misplaced it. In that case, download the printer driver directly from official Canon website.

Set the connection method to Access point connection, click next.

There is a guided process on screen, follow the instructions carefully until the Installation process is complete.

Start aligning the print head and then click on Next.

Thereafter, go to the control panel and select devices and printer. Now, click on add a printer. Select the name of your printer which is engraved on the printer itself or the manual you received with it. Select the printer and click on next. The printer will be installed and ready to use.

The connection between your printer and Wi-Fi is now established and it has been installed in your computer. There might be any issue or error you may face for which you can try resetting the printer. Let’s see how to reset the printer.

How to reset Canon printer?

Resetting the printer is very simple since almost all the routers have a reset button. If not, you can go to the control panel of the printer. You will see a reset menu. Now, select the soft reset option. Thereafter, hold the button until hard reset is displayed on the screen. Then, release the button. You r printer will now reset.



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